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1. Trying NOT to come down with the cold/flu whatever that plagued Husband and Daughter for most of the month. Miraculously, I seemed to have done it?

2. Books read: Dime Store Magic, by Kelly Armstrong, The Aylesford Skull, and The Last Coin, by James M. Blaylock, Silver Wolf, by Jaycee Bedford. Re-read: The Silver Ghost, The Balloon Man, Something the Cat Dragged In, and The Wrong Rite, all by Charlotte MacLeod (or her alter ego, Alisa Craig). Started reading Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond (non-fiction).

3. Went to see YU-GI-OH: The Dark Side of Dimensions at the Theatre -- It was fun. No real spoilers, but a) Yugi had a growth spurt, b) Kaiba was snarky and obsessed, and I swear that the last version of the BEWD he summoned looked like it had a frigging STARGATE on its back!, oh, and c) some backstory for Bakura that kind of contradicted what we'd been told before in both the manga and the anime.... Still, it was good to hear those familiar voices again...

And as a side note, Eric Stuart-sama is looking to start recording a new CD. Check out his web page for details.

Still adjusting to the new hours at work and the cut in pay. Doesn't look like there will be any conventions in my future this year, except the local one (ANIME-Zing! in July).

Finished knitting a child's hat, and still working on a ruffled edge triangular shawl.


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