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 Well, the Raccoon has apparently vacated our tree.  I'm a little sad -- it was mildly entertaining to peek through the knothole  and spy a ball of grey fur, or a pair of beady little eyes, or even on occasion, fur plus small foot sticking out of the knothole ....  At a guess, I'd say that the Raccoon decided that our neighborhood was a bit too noisy for its liking, what with the hippie neighbors (NOT US!!!) playing Neil Young and Oak Ridge Boys well into the night on the weekends, barking Jethro, lawn mowers, ambulances and police cars  next door (again, NOT US!!!).    The river, I might mention, is still very close to Flood Stage, despite it not raining locally for almost two weeks.

Nephew's afghan/blanket is most likely close to 2/3rds done. I have 16 inches to go, before I knit the end border, and then add borders to the long sides.  The total size, according to the directions, is 50" x 58".  

Confession Time: when I said in the last entry that I didn't have time to read, due to the knitting, it wasn't quite true.  When my fingers get tired and start cramping, I set the knitting aside and pick up a book for a while.  I have read "Song of the Lion", by Anne Hillerman,  and Season of the Hyena, by Paul Doherty, and re-read Chapel Noir by Carole Nelson Douglas.  My Husband is on a Dan Brown kick, and has been nagging at me to read The Lost Symbol.   Ummm, sorry, I really have no interest in reading about conspiracies involving the Masons.   Also, since Crunchyroll has been running Series 6 of "Natsume's Book of Friends", I've been re-reading the manga as I locate them (scattered throughout the house).  

Wretchedly hot weather.  Of course, it COULD be wretchedly hot and HUMID weather.... and probably will be soon.


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