Jan. 9th, 2016

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Considering the events of  December --

Two weeks before Christmas the ceiling in Daughter's room fell in, thanks to shoddy workmanship on the part of Father-in-Law and his JW  'brethren' -- amazing it stayed up THIS long, considering! --  the clean-up and replacement of which cost $500+ for materials, not counting the electric and water bills yet to be received due to the TONNE of laundry done and yet to BE done, and the resultant pre-emption  of Husband's vacation (he and Daughter together did the lion's share of the cleaning, and installing of a new drop-tile ceiling).....

-- I shouldn't even be thinking about Conventions in 2016.  Yet I am.

1. I REALLY would like to attend MediaWest*CON one last time before it folds -- by all accounts, it's been steadily shrinking due to a) the economy, and b) the almost overwhelming availability of free fan-fiction on-line.  Since New! Fanzines! were a large part of the attraction of MWC when I attended during the 90's.  The other big draw, at least on my part, was being able to meet and spend time with fandom friends that I had only ever corresponded with, or only ever saw at conventions.... alas, some of those friends are no longer dwelling on this mortal plane, others have fallen out of contact -- mostly MY fault, as I went dark for about  five years for personal reasons; signing up on LJ (and then DW) was in part an attempt to re-connect with fandom. Didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped it would --   Anyway, I would not be surprised if the Carletons called it quits sometime soon. 
     Pro: Possibility of seeing former fandom compatriots.
     Con: No guarantee that anyone I know will be there.
     Pro: Uphold the legacies of fandoms past -- RGB, Highlander, Stargate:SG1, etc.
     Con: Having to deal with obnoxious upstarts like the RGB-Furry bunch.

    Pro: With dwindling membership, better chance of getting a room at the Host hotel.
    Con: Even with dwindling membership, the ratzen-fratzen Room Lott--er, Reservation system is apparently still in operation.

     Pro:  Cheaper membership than Tardis Con, equal to Anime-Zing.
     Con: 14+ hour round trip drive on a Holiday weekend.

2. Anime-Zing!  Okay, chances are very good that I will go to this one, seeing as Daughter won a free membership for her Puella Magika Madoka cosplay last year, and it's local. This, despite my disappointment in last year's programming and guest line-up.

3. Chicago TARDIS-CON ---
        Pro: I know the route, even though it's driving into the suburbs.
        Pro: Nea will probably be there?
        Pro: Guests are a mixed bag, but surely there will SOMEONE I will enjoy listening to in panels.
       Con (and it's a big one!): Not at all keen on their recent membership policies, and 3rd party registration; what I've heard, especially about last year, seems highly reminiscent of major complaints about the non-lamented CREATION CONs -- too much emphasis on the NAME STARS, and SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP PERKS that don't happen.....

Opinions, anyone?


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