Feb. 13th, 2016

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Well, I received a reply from MediaWest*Con, and a membership form.  I'd already pretty much decided that I wanted to take either Daughter or Elder Sister with me (company for the road) ... don't get me wrong, I DO love my sister, but I don't really enjoy having her as a roommate at conventions - she is sort of high maintenance with all her health problems  -- so is Daughter to an extent, but she doesn't talk about them constantly...  plus with her job, Daughter has INCOME and can pay part of her own way....

So Daughter gets the prize.   In a way, this will be her SECOND trip to MediaWest (I was 5 months pregnant the first time); I told her she should really experience it from the outside at least once.  She is already planning COSPLAY. 

Now I just have to crunch the finances a little, having ignored until earlier this week the fact that February tends to have EXPENSES  -- Jethro needs his shots,  gotta pay Amerifile to do the taxes, MAY have to PAY taxes....

Would be nice if I knew for sure that some of my years-ago fandom friends were attending!


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