Apr. 30th, 2016

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Tomorrow is May 1st, which means only 28 days 'til MediaWest*Con..... I have seen the preliminary schedule for Fan Panels --- No mention of Highlander at all!!! yet somehow a 70's-'80's British Cop show that had (as far as I can tell) NO  widespread U.S. distribution (ala DW, or more recently SHERLOCK on PBS) acquired and still has enough fannish interest to merit at LEAST two panels per day in the scheduling.... sigh. 

I'm running out of time if I want to hold a Highlander 30th Anniversary event, either a Panel or in the 'Party Suite' -- and I have seen NO indications of any significant Highlander-fan presence (I lost contact with the HL fandoms back in early 2000's when I went 'dark' due to personal problems -- while I did recognize some names from the Membership List, most of them are from my SW Role-Playing group).
I can still have a small Room Party, I suppose ---  I'd had some grandiose notion of a Trivia Game and Door prizes - HAH! 

Apparently the SW Role Play group is still going...

And those blasted RGB-Bronies will be there. Ugh!

I have a feeling Daughter is going to bored out of her skull by Saturday. 

I need to seriously work on my cosplay:   Fem Victorian/Steampunk Ryou Bakura, amateur Egyptologist.

And it's raining. Bleeehhh.


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