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1) Okay, mailed membership applications for me and Daughter to MediaWest*Con --- finally!  I got tired of waiting for Daughter to fill out the form, so I did it for her; if she doesn't like her badge name, she has only herself to blame.

2) Mailed manga to Elder Sister, along with Eric Stuart mini-album CD

3) Posted an 'Umbrella' story over on -- "Flotsam and Feathers", with the first chapter being the first part of 'Chiyogami' which I had posted over on LJ years back.... I had forgotten what a PAIN it is to post on ffn --- I'd goofed up the upload in that I hadn't scrutinized the 'cut & paste' before posting, and discovered that editing AFTER the fact involves deleting the offending chapter and re-posting.  It's still not entirely satisfactory, but I can live with it for now.... which leads to

4) Something screwy over on LJ -- late last week I noticed that I couldn't read comments that had been posted to Friends Page entries -- I was a bit peeved, because half the fun of Friend Pages is reading everyone else's comments..... then Friday I discovered that I was unable to add a comment to a Friend's Page..... then yesterday when I tried to refresh my memory re: someone's comment on one of MY LJ posts, I couldn't access those either!!!




When I went to report the problem, I discovered that other people have experienced this same problem since mid-last week....

Glad I have DW, eh.....

Date: 2016-02-28 09:45 pm (UTC)
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Yyyyyeaahhhhhh LJ's getting more and more unusable. Like another thing I've noticed? Go to someone's account, you're on their profile page . . . how do you get to their actual journal? How do you get to their posts? Besides going up in the address bar and deleting "/profile" from the end. >,> You shouldn't have to do that. You should be able to navigate around someone's account from /within/ the website.

And yeah, FFnet's wonky too.

Date: 2016-03-04 12:15 pm (UTC)
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I'm still stubbornly using my old journal layout, but it defaults to a newer style on comment pages. I never got comfy over on DW and didn't really interact with people there, so I don't even crosspost there anymore. I keep hoping LJ will come back to life, but more likely they'll force me to switch to some new format that will kill it for me.



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