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Today has been a loooonnng day..... got up at 6:45 a.m. in order to take Jethro (the handsome half-Chow in the Icon) to the vet, because at his annual shots & physical two weeks ago the vet spotted a couple of bad teeth (probably why his breath has been less than pleasant the past few months!)  We'd gotten an estimate (roughly in the area of $600) which we could manage (with a bit of juggling and redemption of a matured Savings Bond, just to be safe)..... So dropped the boy off (not a happy camper), and went to work..... Worth noting that ever since our first Chow, Kahvi, went in for a supposedly routine abscessed tooth (which turned out to be bone cancer) and did not wake up from the anesthetic, Lo! some 30 years ago, the undergoing of surgery for any reason of subsequent Fur Babies has been a cause for anxiety in our household ---

I was a nervous wreck all morning, while printing and collating not only the usual Easter morning bulletin, but also the program for this evening's Good Friday service -- to the point that I misprinted 180 Easter Sunday bulletins, and consider myself very lucky that I was able to hand-correct with 'White-Out' tape ... and some other stuff got done.  Oh, and a phone call from the vet with the news that they'd discovered TWO more bad  teeth that needed removal, and that would most likely add another $200 to the bill.

At which point I seriously considered sending an e-mail to the organizers of MediaWest*Con to the effect that if my check for $110 (memberships for myself and Daughter) STILL hadn't cleared the bank by the end of today (mailed Feb. 27!) I was going to consider it LOST by the Postal Service and have my bank do that thing where they void  a check, because the money was needed elsewhere, and maybe we'd try again next year.

Fortunately, when I went home for lunch, I located my ShinyCredit Card statement and discovered that even if the Vet bill ran to $800, I could split the amount between SCC and my Bank Debit Card, and while it might be tight until my next paycheck (at the end of next week), it could be done.

But continued to fret, because The Waiting......

And the Vet called, and said it's done and Jethro wants to come home, can you come and get him?  And I cried a little with relief, picked up Daughter from  her work, and went to rescue my Silly Half-Chow, who can be a pain and a half, but we still love him and things would be way too quiet if he wasn't around.

Sigh.  So Jethro is on soft food for ten days, with a week's worth of pain medication -- oh, and the tab was just over $700.  And he looks silly because they had to shave a front leg for the IV, and a back leg for the blood pressure cuff because his fur is too thick to get a good reading.

And, while my check has still not officially cleared the bank, both Daughter and I received e-mail verification that we do indeed have MediaWest*Con memberships.

So.  Who wants to have a Highlander 30th Anniversary Party at MediaWest this year?  Anyone else going?

Date: 2016-03-26 05:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dragondancer5150
Glad Jethro's all right! and for less than an arm and a leg. *HUGS all around*

Date: 2016-03-26 07:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I'm so glad everything turned out all right! I know exactly what that kind of worry feels like.
When elderly Phoebe had her dental work done, she clearly felt much better almost right away, so it was totally worth the worry and expense. I hope Jethro is equally happy with the results. :D


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