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Daughter is stressing over her cosplay.... I suggested taking a deep breath; then resolving that if  the cosplay is not ready by Friday morning -- marathon sewing session the night before NOT allowed!!! -- relax, and plan on finishing for Anime-ZING! in July. 

I am NOT going to stress over the fact that the braid attachment for my Bakura wig came WITHOUT the means for actually attaching -- I will figure it out for July.  Likewise the majority of my costume. I did detach the skirt portion of a dark-ish blue SCA gown that can be re-purposed for my 'Fem-Ryou Steakpunk Victorian Egyptologist'....

I DO plan to search the closets for previous years'  SWLARP outfits -- may not fit, oh well!  I have LOTS of 'geeky' T-shirts.....

Husband has loaned me his external DVD drive/player -- I just need to make certain it will work with LeLouche.  Do I have a MediaPlayer program ?  Will need to find out and test run by Thursday.  Do I need speakers?

I have a HIGHLANDER poster created for the Room door.  I have the start of posters for the still nebulous HIGHLANDER 30th Anniversary Room party.  I have recipe (untried) for Scotch Eggs.

I need to un-earth old fanzines to sell, price, and make a list. Am highly tempted to simply set a box with a coffee can in the hall and say "Pay What You Like, or Not At All".

I plan to make BENTO Thursday night to take with us.

M-minus four days and counting......
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