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Well, it's been an exhausting week -- who would have thought that feeding two prone-to-squabbling Chows soft canned food three times a day would be so much work?  Jethro can't have dry kibble until the vet clears him (this coming Monday! Yays!), and BOTH dogs have developed 'messy bottom syndrome' from the constant diet of canned.  Since Wednesday, I've tried mixing kibble in with Bel's food and have to watch them both like a hawk until both finish so Jethro doesn't eat contraband.... Oh yeah, and the Canned Food feeding instructions read: "Feed one can per 15 pounds of Dogs' weight..... okay, two 60 pound dogs, that's ---- 4 EFFING cans  A  PIECE Per Day, PER DOG!!!!    Not happening, folks, not made out of money.... another reason for mixing kibble into Bel's bowl.  And I discovered first hand how FEW  commercial brand doggie treats are available that AREN'T hard and crunchy!!!


I've been feeding an average 3 cans each per day, on the theory of neither dog is particularly active, and Bel at least could stand to lose a bit of weight (less strain on that damaged leg joint).

I will be damn glad when I can start setting out the self-feed kibble again!!!!

Mom and Odyssia came out for Easter; we had a nice pre-cooked ham (frozen since Thanksgiving, when the grocery store had their hand-dandy  'Buy a Turkey, get a Ham FREE' deal , and re-baked).... Sometimes I wish Odyssia would be a bit more discreet when borrowing DVDs and Manga, especially when Mom is around (Mom does not approve of some of our 'frivolous' hobbies).


Both Daughter and I  have confirmed Mediawest*Con memberships -- the check FINALLY cleared on Thursday!  and I have made my Room Request -- hopefully at the host hotel (Ramada Inn, Lansing) -- Ratzenfratzen 'room lott-- er, reservation system').  I've looked at the lists of proposed Panels and am SHOCKED that there is absolutely NO listing for a HIGHLANDER panel, of any kind!  This year was the 30th Anniversary of the first (and BEST, IMHO) HIGHLANDER movie, with my Best Beloved Connor MacLeod ---

I want to hold a 30th Anniversary Party for the HIGHLANDER  -- but I can't make any plans until I know if I have a room at the Ramada -- It would be REALLY nice if I had any notion that any one else would be interested....

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Today has been a loooonnng day..... got up at 6:45 a.m. in order to take Jethro (the handsome half-Chow in the Icon) to the vet, because at his annual shots & physical two weeks ago the vet spotted a couple of bad teeth (probably why his breath has been less than pleasant the past few months!)  We'd gotten an estimate (roughly in the area of $600) which we could manage (with a bit of juggling and redemption of a matured Savings Bond, just to be safe)..... So dropped the boy off (not a happy camper), and went to work..... Worth noting that ever since our first Chow, Kahvi, went in for a supposedly routine abscessed tooth (which turned out to be bone cancer) and did not wake up from the anesthetic, Lo! some 30 years ago, the undergoing of surgery for any reason of subsequent Fur Babies has been a cause for anxiety in our household ---

I was a nervous wreck all morning, while printing and collating not only the usual Easter morning bulletin, but also the program for this evening's Good Friday service -- to the point that I misprinted 180 Easter Sunday bulletins, and consider myself very lucky that I was able to hand-correct with 'White-Out' tape ... and some other stuff got done.  Oh, and a phone call from the vet with the news that they'd discovered TWO more bad  teeth that needed removal, and that would most likely add another $200 to the bill.

At which point I seriously considered sending an e-mail to the organizers of MediaWest*Con to the effect that if my check for $110 (memberships for myself and Daughter) STILL hadn't cleared the bank by the end of today (mailed Feb. 27!) I was going to consider it LOST by the Postal Service and have my bank do that thing where they void  a check, because the money was needed elsewhere, and maybe we'd try again next year.

Fortunately, when I went home for lunch, I located my ShinyCredit Card statement and discovered that even if the Vet bill ran to $800, I could split the amount between SCC and my Bank Debit Card, and while it might be tight until my next paycheck (at the end of next week), it could be done.

But continued to fret, because The Waiting......

And the Vet called, and said it's done and Jethro wants to come home, can you come and get him?  And I cried a little with relief, picked up Daughter from  her work, and went to rescue my Silly Half-Chow, who can be a pain and a half, but we still love him and things would be way too quiet if he wasn't around.

Sigh.  So Jethro is on soft food for ten days, with a week's worth of pain medication -- oh, and the tab was just over $700.  And he looks silly because they had to shave a front leg for the IV, and a back leg for the blood pressure cuff because his fur is too thick to get a good reading.

And, while my check has still not officially cleared the bank, both Daughter and I received e-mail verification that we do indeed have MediaWest*Con memberships.

So.  Who wants to have a Highlander 30th Anniversary Party at MediaWest this year?  Anyone else going?
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1) Okay, mailed membership applications for me and Daughter to MediaWest*Con --- finally!  I got tired of waiting for Daughter to fill out the form, so I did it for her; if she doesn't like her badge name, she has only herself to blame.

2) Mailed manga to Elder Sister, along with Eric Stuart mini-album CD

3) Posted an 'Umbrella' story over on -- "Flotsam and Feathers", with the first chapter being the first part of 'Chiyogami' which I had posted over on LJ years back.... I had forgotten what a PAIN it is to post on ffn --- I'd goofed up the upload in that I hadn't scrutinized the 'cut & paste' before posting, and discovered that editing AFTER the fact involves deleting the offending chapter and re-posting.  It's still not entirely satisfactory, but I can live with it for now.... which leads to

4) Something screwy over on LJ -- late last week I noticed that I couldn't read comments that had been posted to Friends Page entries -- I was a bit peeved, because half the fun of Friend Pages is reading everyone else's comments..... then Friday I discovered that I was unable to add a comment to a Friend's Page..... then yesterday when I tried to refresh my memory re: someone's comment on one of MY LJ posts, I couldn't access those either!!!




When I went to report the problem, I discovered that other people have experienced this same problem since mid-last week....

Glad I have DW, eh.....

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Okay, that's a bit misleading..... no Death involved this past week, thank goodness, but Taxes is appropriate.... We had our friendly Amerifile man do our tax returns last week -- 1st time for Daughter, lucky kid gets all her money back this time -- the Good news is we get some back too; the bad news is that it's mostly from State, which means, because the State of Illinois is BROKE, we'll get the money ...whenever.  If ever.

Okay, just realized Death IS involved, sort of, because Husband and I have an appointment next week to talk to a lawyer about Wills.  As in, neither of us has one, yet.  And we really should, if nothing else, to determine the disposition of the House should Husband predecease me (I'm not listed on the Title/Deed).  As it sits now, should Husband die over the weekend, his estate (such as it is) would be split three ways -- me, Step-Daughter, and Daughter.  Not begrudging Step-Daughter her share, but I WOULD like to be able to keep living in this house!  In contrast, my estate (such as it is) should be fairly simple -- Husband and Daughter.  Granted, there are some personal items I would like to go to my sisters, and maybe Nephew would like my Classic Marvel comic books,  but hey....

Good grief, I sound morbid this morning ....
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Well, I received a reply from MediaWest*Con, and a membership form.  I'd already pretty much decided that I wanted to take either Daughter or Elder Sister with me (company for the road) ... don't get me wrong, I DO love my sister, but I don't really enjoy having her as a roommate at conventions - she is sort of high maintenance with all her health problems  -- so is Daughter to an extent, but she doesn't talk about them constantly...  plus with her job, Daughter has INCOME and can pay part of her own way....

So Daughter gets the prize.   In a way, this will be her SECOND trip to MediaWest (I was 5 months pregnant the first time); I told her she should really experience it from the outside at least once.  She is already planning COSPLAY. 

Now I just have to crunch the finances a little, having ignored until earlier this week the fact that February tends to have EXPENSES  -- Jethro needs his shots,  gotta pay Amerifile to do the taxes, MAY have to PAY taxes....

Would be nice if I knew for sure that some of my years-ago fandom friends were attending!
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I just sent an e-mail to the organizers of MediaWest*Con, asking for a membership application.

Considering that this is the 50th Anniversary of the original STAR TREK series, and this fan convention originated as a STAR TREK oriented convention, I can't ignore the niggling feeling that MWC's days might be numbered.....

Hope not.  I hope they can keep it going .... a while longer.

Of course, there's still the matter of whether or not I actually decide to go....

If I do, I'm throwing a HIGHLANDER party --- 30 years! Heh heh heh.....
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What irony! Just the other day I was reading on-line a review of David Bowie's most recent release.

I'll have to dig out our copy of "Labyrinth" tonight.

Cancer gets another one.... why haven't we found a cure yet???
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Considering the events of  December --

Two weeks before Christmas the ceiling in Daughter's room fell in, thanks to shoddy workmanship on the part of Father-in-Law and his JW  'brethren' -- amazing it stayed up THIS long, considering! --  the clean-up and replacement of which cost $500+ for materials, not counting the electric and water bills yet to be received due to the TONNE of laundry done and yet to BE done, and the resultant pre-emption  of Husband's vacation (he and Daughter together did the lion's share of the cleaning, and installing of a new drop-tile ceiling).....

-- I shouldn't even be thinking about Conventions in 2016.  Yet I am.

1. I REALLY would like to attend MediaWest*CON one last time before it folds -- by all accounts, it's been steadily shrinking due to a) the economy, and b) the almost overwhelming availability of free fan-fiction on-line.  Since New! Fanzines! were a large part of the attraction of MWC when I attended during the 90's.  The other big draw, at least on my part, was being able to meet and spend time with fandom friends that I had only ever corresponded with, or only ever saw at conventions.... alas, some of those friends are no longer dwelling on this mortal plane, others have fallen out of contact -- mostly MY fault, as I went dark for about  five years for personal reasons; signing up on LJ (and then DW) was in part an attempt to re-connect with fandom. Didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped it would --   Anyway, I would not be surprised if the Carletons called it quits sometime soon. 
     Pro: Possibility of seeing former fandom compatriots.
     Con: No guarantee that anyone I know will be there.
     Pro: Uphold the legacies of fandoms past -- RGB, Highlander, Stargate:SG1, etc.
     Con: Having to deal with obnoxious upstarts like the RGB-Furry bunch.

    Pro: With dwindling membership, better chance of getting a room at the Host hotel.
    Con: Even with dwindling membership, the ratzen-fratzen Room Lott--er, Reservation system is apparently still in operation.

     Pro:  Cheaper membership than Tardis Con, equal to Anime-Zing.
     Con: 14+ hour round trip drive on a Holiday weekend.

2. Anime-Zing!  Okay, chances are very good that I will go to this one, seeing as Daughter won a free membership for her Puella Magika Madoka cosplay last year, and it's local. This, despite my disappointment in last year's programming and guest line-up.

3. Chicago TARDIS-CON ---
        Pro: I know the route, even though it's driving into the suburbs.
        Pro: Nea will probably be there?
        Pro: Guests are a mixed bag, but surely there will SOMEONE I will enjoy listening to in panels.
       Con (and it's a big one!): Not at all keen on their recent membership policies, and 3rd party registration; what I've heard, especially about last year, seems highly reminiscent of major complaints about the non-lamented CREATION CONs -- too much emphasis on the NAME STARS, and SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP PERKS that don't happen.....

Opinions, anyone?

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Was hoping the weather-watchers were blowing smoke when they predicted snow over last night and into today, but Noooooo! They were right, darn it.... at least we got most of the errands done last night right after supper -- groceries, prescription drop-offs (won't need until Tuesday), new blood-sugar test meter -- had my 3-month Diabetic check-in earlier this week and Doctor scolded me -- need to keep a closer eye on the blood sugar -- oh, and losing  around 40 lbs would be good..... *sigh*  Well, least I won't develop gall stones this time if I do (gall bladder came out in 1999 -- after losing some 40+ pounds a couple of years previous!).

Daughter has the day off today (good thing!); I'm doing laundry and web-surfing (obviously).  Oh, and cleaning house, as Mom and Elder Sister are supposed to come for Thanksgiving.

After re-reading some of LucidScreamer's  YGO drabbles, I was struck by a cosplay idea: a Victorian/Edwardian-era fem-Ryou Bakura.  I've even roughed out a bit of back story, though I'm fuzzy on how to explain the half-Japanese part at that point in history.  Also need an Anglo-cized first name for Ryou...  handwaving on the Japanese Egyptologist father.  Basically,  Daddy Bakura sends daughter Ryou a package from Egypt containing The Ring and some cryptic notes about his recent discoveries in  the general vicinity of Giza.  Ryou does NOT don the Ring (seriously, heavy clunky TACKY!!!), but keeps it close because, GOLD and VALUABLE and MYSTERY....  about half a year later, when Daddy is expected to return to England, another package arrives with Daddy's journal and a note from expedition partners Professor Hawkins and Mouto with condolences -- Daddy Bakura is missing/presumed dead.....

So, 17 yr old Ryou decides to 'chaperone'  younger classmate Rebecca Hawkins'  trip to join her grandfather in Egypt....  Since Ryou is not wearing the Ring, she's not possessed -- but keeping it close results in a bit of bleed-over influence.  Right now, I'm trying to settle on an Ancient Egyptian Thief King- influenced outfit that's still within the strictures of Victorian/Edwardian fashion.  Thinking bright red dress jacket over white blouse and blue riding skirt, utility belt w/pouch for the Ring, boots..... need to find a pattern for the riding skirt.  The Pyramid Collection has some nice steampunk-ish accessories, including a leather-bound blank book (with lapis decorated buckle!) that would be perfect for Daddy Bakura's journal -- but so expensive!!!   Sigh.

Well, it's not like I'm in a hurry and need COSPLAY NOW! for an anime convention in the near future....

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The Daughter starts Week Three  of her part-time job tomorrow. She has complained about sore feet, and heavy bolts of fleece material, and a sore cutting hand, and a co-worker who is a  frequent No-Call No-Show who might be getting the axe soon, and her weird work schedule,  but she seems to enjoy stocking and cash register work.  Her bank debit card showed up yesterday (Saturday).  We shopped and she now has a phone (Husband added her to the family plan) and a watch of her very own, so I get mine back --Whooppee! 

On a sad note, the used book store on our side of the River shut down.  Fortunately, the 90+ dollars of credit I'd built up transferred over to the sister store in Davenport.  This is why I prefer to take the cash at the used video store, even though it's a lesser amount than if I chose credit -- too many times I've built up credit, only to have the vendor go out of business.

Okay.  I promised Lucidscreamer a recipe for no-bake pumpkin/pudding pie.  Keep in mind, please, that this is FROM MEMORY, since I long ago lost the magazine I found it in originally -- but I've made it often enough that I think it's reasonably accurate.  MAY NEED TWEAKING!!!

1) Prepare  two deep-dish bottom crusts of your dietary preference/needs. Bake (or not) accordingly.

2) in a Large mixing bowl, 16 oz. softened low-fat cream cheese, 1/2 can of pumpkin pack, and spices -- 2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice, or a mixture of  ground cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and/or allspice.  If you have a standing bowl mixer, use that until evenly blended.

3) Slowly add  two boxes of low-fat, no/low sugar instant pudding ( white chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate) and three to 3 - 1/2 cups low fat or skim milk and mix at medium speed. 

4) Scrape into cooled pie shells and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.

5) Top with whipped dairy or non-dairy topping of your choice. Enjoy!

Note: There is a 'Pumpkin Spice' pudding flavor, in which case you might want to skip the spices in Step 2; however, I don't know if it comes in Low/No Fat, so use your discretion.  The original recipe used Chocolate pudding, but I thought that was odd, so substituted white chocolate and vanilla.

My Dad, who was on a low-fat, low sugar diet due to Hypertension and Diabetes gave this pie "Two Thumbs UP!" when I brought it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

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I am SO PROUD of her!!!

Okay, the week before I went on my trip with Mom (back in September), the Daughter(for reasons never really explained) suddenly decided she needed to apply for a job at two of our local fabric/Hobby shops.  Which she did.  While Mom and I were braving the wilds of Northern Michigan (Cherries and Bear-ies and Fudge, Oh MY!), I received a text message from Hubby to the effect that he'd taken her shopping for 'work slacks'  -- which led me to think that she'd landed one of those jobs --- um, no, just anticipating, but yeah, she really needed to upgrade from jogging pants....

Now fast forward to a week ago yesterday Thursday -- she was called in for an interview at the Fabric Store.... which went very well... so well, that the manager called back on Saturday and asked if she could start on Monday!  So Daughter promptly checked out the local bus routes, determined which lines and where she had to transfer, and how long it would most likely take; I bought her a bus pass, and  a pair of good padded -sole shoes and a couple of dress casual  blouses, and Monday she went in for what turned out to be a 5 and 1/2 hour shift.  Same on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday she had the day off.  Yesterday I took a long lunch break and accompanied her to our Bank & Trust as moral support (and with $100 seed money) so she could set up her very own checking account!  

Sigh.  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Grown-ups, baby girl.....

And part of me goes -- 'It's about TIME!' 

Now, all we need to do is get her driving again....
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Thank you, Lucidscreamer, for reminding me.....

Um.   Because I tend to spend my evenings knitting instead of reading these days, I don't seem to read as much as I used to.  However, I do get an hour for lunch, and I've gotten into the habit of setting a timer and reading for 20 minutes during my lunch hour (this of course depends on how much time gets eaten up with errands and fixing up something to actually eat). This seems to work best with anthologies and books that I've read before.  In this fashion I've re-read the first four (and in my opinion, the best) of Lillian Jackson Braun's "Cat Who -- " books, several of Charlotte MacLeod's 'Inspector Rhys',  'Peter Shandy' and 'Sarah Kelling' mysteries,  several of Laurie King's 'Mary Russell's,  a number of manga (Food Wars & Natsume's Book of Friends) and  the first three 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?' light novels.

Also, a book I borrowed from my Mom -- "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Anne Shaffer and Anne Barrows.  The novel is written in the epistolary style, which made it both easier and harder to put down at the end of 20 minutes.... It deals with the experiences of the Channel Islanders (between England and France) during the German occupation of WW2.  According to Mom, she's tracked some distant cousins from her father's (English) side of the family to the Channel islands, which made the novel feel somewhat personal.
 I will have to see if I can find a copy for my own. 

On  the knitting side, I finally finished a Sideways-knit Ruffled edge Shawl which I mistakenly thought would be a fairly quick knit - HAH!   I am almost finished with the Very Berry triangular shawl, despite running out of the yarn -- I have a partial skein of a heavier double weight in very similar shades which I am carefully de-twisting because I REFUSE to buy another whole skein when all I need  are another five - seven rows worth to finish! 

A sad note: Our local yarn Shop, 'The Naked Sheep Yarn Barn' went out of business last month.  It was only operational for seven months; I'm not certain exactly what happened, but I suspect that Cindy and Kelly tried to do too much too quickly (and Kelly being in the hospital for a month certainly didn't help).  I am now not allowed to buy any more yarn for at least six months (I managed to pick up at LOT of skeins during the GOoB sale) unless I absolutely need it to finish a current project.

Can anyone recommend a good Steampunk novel?  I've tried the series by Pip Ballantine, and didn't care for main characters at all (too stereotypical); also a series set in a Victorian era w/ magic which offered up Sherlock Holmes' long-lost niece from his mother's side of the family, but found the magic system too intrusive...  I guess what I'm looking for is something that reads like a cross between the Robert Downey Jr.. 'Sherlock Holmes' movies and 'King Solomon's Mines'   --- 

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Well. Where to start?

The Trip with Mom was Mostly Wonderful (despite the highly-touted 'Fall Foliage Canyon Tour into Canada' not living up to its press); it was great spending time with Mom minus family holiday drama and I think we both had fun, more or less.

The aftermath: Fortunately, with the help of our Music Director and the Pastor, I'd been able to work ahead enough on the Sept. 27th bulletin that I really had a minimum of catch-up work to do on Thursday afternoon and Friday (additional plus being that Pastor had ironed out the wrinkles regarding our new phone system - Yay!) However, last Saturday morning I woke up, tried to roll out of bed and actually SCREAMED, as my entire left leg from hip to ankle throbbed with pain. I was barely able to stand up, even with help, and hobble out to the kitchen. Husband fetched the Migraine strength Excedrin (the strongest pain-relief in the house, since the ibuprofen had gone missing sometime during the past seven days -- it later turned up in Daughter's room) and the Staghorn cane.... oddly enough, and this pattern continued all week, after sitting upright in a chair, and eventually moving around, the pain eased off to an occasional twinge and residual soreness reminiscent of post-leg cramp ache.... By Wednesday the ibuprofen had reappeared, and a combination of 'Icy-Hot' on the leg and two IB's shortly before bedtime seems to have managed the morning pain..... but I am totally at a loss as to WHY???

Granted, the previous week's activities had majorly consisted of long periods of sitting, broken up by one-two hours of walking, then more sitting (tour bus & train, bouts of shopping) -- with the exception of Mackinac Island, which was horse trolley the first day, and 5-6 hours walking up and down hills the second day.... But I would think that over-stressed leg muscles would make themselves known a lot sooner and in BOTH Legs...

And of course, considering my family's tendency to develop blood-clots, I've been fretting at every odd twinge and unexplained sore spot for the past ten days...


Still, it was a glorious vacation... I would love to go back and do a Lighthouse tour around Michigan, spend time exploring Sault Ste. Marie, visit the Maritime Museum (relics of the Edmund Fitzgerald!), and of course back to Mackinac Island ... it reminded me so much of the Cayman Islands when we visited back in the mid-80's when it was charming and homey -- I understand after Hurricane Ivan pretty much demolished Georgetown in 2004, it was rebuilt very 'touristy'.

Of course Mackinac City is very touristy -- seemed like every other shop on the main street was a Fudge Shop, and every third shop was tourist souvenirs and such, but 80% of the island is state park, and very few motor vehicles allowed (emergency vehicles - fire & ambulance -- and in the winter, limited snow mobiles and snow plows). People walk, ride bicycles or take a horse trolley, and like the Caymans, their emblem is a turtle!

Anyway, now it's October.... and thanks to Mackinac, I have a perfect fall sweatshirt -- and no, it doesn't shout "I am a Souvenir of Mackinac Island". It's subtle and I love it.

Left Hip, I am NOT happy with you. Knock it off, already!
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I'm not ready! Well, okay, I have MOST of my Trip essentials but....It's ONLY A WEEK AWAY!!!

The Butterfly Prairie Garden has been doing rather well -- have seen several Monarch butterflies, and one Monarch caterpillar molesting the swamp milkweed, and quite a few big black & yellow bumblebees crawling all over the coneflowers and the beebalm. Some decent tomatoes, now that they've started turning red.

If I can remember how, here's a picture of my Fairy Garden:
Fairy Garden

(Going to try to crop photo a bit and re-insert. Please be patient)

We have a new phone system at the church. It is a mess. Sigh.

Knitting continues slowly. I have conceded temporary defeat on the Multi-colored cardigan. I have three prayer shawls in various stages of completion. My goal is to get at least ONE off the needles before next Wednesday.

Have finally watched TORCHWOOD: Children of Earth. Almost finished with 'Miracle Day'. CoE: gut-wrenching, but not as horrendously graphic as I'd been led to believe... MD is dragging, bloated, and I'm actually hoping Rex bites a bullet, because he's obnoxious, overbearing, and self-righteous.....

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Maybe I DO have Unreasonable Expectations.... Because my husband reports almost unanimously glowing reports re:Anime-Zing! 2015 on FaceBook. Maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy, because I don't care to participate in or observe Raves, Date Auctions, Formal Balls or (for the most part) Anime-themed Game Shows. Panels were somewhat lacking overall, and that was before a handful or so got cancelled. I DO enjoy a good Masquerade, even though we didn't attend Saturday night because Daughter was feeling ill and we went home early. Daughter, btw, looked spectacular in her cosplay as Mami Tomoe from Magika Madoka -- people kept stopping her and asking to take her picture.

Didn't bother going back Sunday.

If we go next year, not going to bother with pre-reg.

Should have gone to Anime-Midwest over the July 4th weekend.

I'll be honest -- I'm reconsidering TARDIS Con in November. Somehow I'd got it into my head that they'd moved to a hotel in Downtown Chicago, which for me is a deal-breaker --- I WILL NOT DRIVE IN CHICAGO!!!! getting into the suburbs is bad enough! Plus, I'm still not happy with them going through a third party for registration and their recent SPECIAL TIER memberships..... But, TARDIS-Con is still in Lombard, and the guests aren't too second-rate this year....

Sigh. Picky in my old age, I am.
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When Mom was mopping up from her sump-pump disaster, she ran across a collection of my junior high and High School papers and essays which she handed over during our visit two weeks ago. I finally had the chance to look over them last night..... omg. Talk about silly and embarrassing... some of it was kind of cute, like my pseudo-Egyptian musical -- "Go Down, You Cranky River!", featuring appearances by Sir Lancelot (on a motorcycle) and Zorro(!), but most of it was .... arrgh. I apparently had an obsession with spies and secret agents and TV shows. And the worst part? I got "A"s on most of them....

Trying to decide what that says about my High School English teacher (whom I admired greatly) and me as a teen-ager. I re-wrote Hamlet (in summary) as a Romantic Comedy, for crying out loud..... which, actually, when you consider Shakespeare's source materials might not have too far off the mark (oooo, see what I did there? Punster, me -- do not Incorrige). Spies, Shakespeare, and Science Fiction -- yep, pretty much sums up my Jr. High/High School years....
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Well, having been thwarted in our plans to spend money at Steelheart by the ubiquitous 'Holiday Hours' policy last weekend, we instead expanded our Prairie/Butterfly Garden with Swamp Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Flox, Red Valerian, Bee Balm, and two other perennials that I can't recall the names of but were purchased because they were yellow/orange and we wanted a variety of colors.... the irony, of course, being that we spent good money on plants that could have been dug up from a roadside ditch, and that our various farmer ancestors had spent good money trying to eradicate from their fields. Oh, and the odd little gargoyle fountain planter that I'm not certain how to use (since we don't have a fountain --- yet). At least we got most of the plants in the ground before the rain hit, AGAIN.

Watched a CUBS game on TV Saturday night -- They made my Dad proud! Not only did they win 7 - 2, but one of the rookie batters achieved the CUBS first 4th of July Grand Slam home run since 1911!!!! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

Because of all the rain the mosquitos have been fierce, but I cannot recall ever having such large, persistent bite welts before! I realize that part of the problem is that many of my bites are located in areas where my clothing chafes and therefore is a near-constant irritant, but seriously!

Two of our church members passed away over the weekend -- neither was particularly unexpected, both had been in poor health for quite a while. Back-to-back funerals: one yesterday, the other this afternoon.

A preliminary Schedule for Anime-Zing! activities has been posted. I'm STILL not impressed.

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Guest #4 at Anime-ZING 2015 --- some lady who moved to the Midwest from Japan, who currently teaches Japanese and calligraphy at a local Community college, and is a self-proclaimed cultural ambassador. I am SO THRILLED that my pre-registration dollars are providing such Quality Guests this year. NOT.

Edited for Correction: I was wrong about her teaching community college classes. Apparently the lady in question operates an art studio of sorts and offers classes in Japanese, art, calligraphy, etc., and demonstrations of various Japanese cultural practices -- by appointment, although the building is open to the public on weekends for tours. Now that I think about it, this might be the same group (?) that hosted an exhibit on anime in general and Studio Ghibli /My Neighbor Totoro in particular awhile back (maybe 5-8 years ago?). They had models of the CatBus and Totoro's camphor tree that kids could climb on and pose for pictures. So maybe not such a fly-by-night, light-weight choice for a convention guest as I assumed, but still not what I'd call a Major Attraction....

On a brighter note, Daughter says we're done shopping for cosplay materials.

For the past two weeks (minus yesterday and the day before) it. has. rained. every. effing. day. There was water in our basement for most of that time. My Mom's sump-pump failed, and HER basement had water in it.... and we didn't hear about it until last night. My Mom is a very independent lady, but sometimes she doesn't quite get the point -- that sometimes, just because you can do it yourself doesn't mean you HAVE to!!! Ugh. Thank goodness for the ex-brother-in-law who, even though he and Sister split 10 years ago, had remained on good terms with Mom (and Dad).

Anyway, during the two days of mostly sunshine this weekend, Husband and I managed some more garden work. Five Tomato plants, two cukes, three bell peppers, assorted herbs, and pole beans. The pole beans are mostly on faith.... I planted the seeds, Husband put up the doubled fencing and sprayed coyote pee, errr, Rabbit & Squirrel repellent around the perimeter; but I'm darned if I can tell whether or not those are actually beans sprouting under the windmill! My porch railing flower boxes are doing well; likewise my planter lettuce patch and planter cherry tomatoes. The Butterfly/Prairie Garden has been expanded to include two blue Veronica plants, the Cone Flower is making a good recovery (Wascally wabbits!!! Nipped the flower heads right off two nights after planting!), and part of the area along the back fence has been cleared and sown with milkweed seeds and purple iris. And I indulged in a bit of whimsy by creating a 'FAIRY GARDEN' in a large planter bowl on the mudroom porch, with leftover herbs/flowers and a bought accessories kit. It was fun.

And we actually did some laundry. Finally.
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Okay -- AniMazing 2015 has announced a 3rd Guest -- a repeat from last year whom I'd never heard of at the time, and I'm still not sure who he is (was too busy stalki--- er, supporting Eric Stuart-sama all weekend, my bad). Daughter has yet to start working on her cosplay 'Mami Tomoe' from that magical girl Puella anime. Me, I might just scrounge out my old SW Role-play garb (if it still fits).

Over Memorial Day Weekend, instead of going to MediaWest*Con (which I'd contemplated until ROADTRIP with Mom to Canada commandeered most of my spare income and vacation time -- and the overly-enthusiastic RGB-Bronies who've taken over the RGB Yahoo Group certainly didn't provide incentive!) Husband and I went to visit Aunt Marie -- prepared to spend a bit. Came home with a trellis, a decorative yard pole and a hanging bird basket outdoor chandelier from SteelHeart Decorative Ironworks; a skein of handspun from The Fold for my Amazing Technicolor Cardigan; a sleeveless Harley Davidsson t-shirt from the 2nd largest HD dealership in the U.S., and some transplanted milkweed shoots for our fledgling butterfly garden (Husband's farmer grandfather must be spinning in his grave!). On the way home Sunday we made a brief detour to visit Dad; Mom had been up earlier in the week to place some flowers for him, and Grampa and Gramma A. -- didn't stay long, because it started raining again, harder. Got home just in time to hear the Tornado sirens go off !!!

Spent most of the following week thinking it was June already, because when I was growing up, Memorial Day = May 31st, and I still haven't kicked that mental habit.... Finished and mailed off a lovely 'Sunrise' triangular shawl to Da Niece for a High School Graduation present, and am currently using the remainder yarn to make a cowl which may be gifted or not. This week we've been prepping the garden to FINALLY get the tomato plants in.

On the knitting front: two prayer shawls finished, one still on the needles. Once I finish that one and the cowl, I'm going back to work on the ATC because I want to have it done for September!
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It is six weeks until Anime-Zing 2015.... the webpage has TWO guests listed, one of whom is apparently slightly known for organizing and producing anime-themed game shows for conventions, and the other has done a lot of voice-overs work (mostly for Cartoon Network (?) in the past few years.....

Okay, so not every year can have the stupendous guests like Little Kuriboh, Johnny Yong Bosch, Greg Ayers and Eric Stuart, but I get the feeling that the convention corporation was so busy hyping their NEW convention in Minneapolis that they kinda forgot about getting their act together for the Five Years established con....

Sigh. Already paid our money. Might as well go. Sort of wishing we'd aimed at Anime-Midwest in Chicago over July 4th.


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