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Because of unexpected automobile repairs during February, March,  and June (brakes, tie-rods, exhaust pipe) on top of decreased hours/ pay at work since January which has resulted in cash flow problems these past six and a half  going on seven months, Daughter and I did not get our Anime-Zing members in advance, but purchased at the door.  Daughter had worked hard on her cosplay (Aqua, from one of the Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, I'm told) - which turned out looking very nice, and I still think she should have entered at least the Hall Cosplay competition -- but overall, I can't help feeling that even the one-day membership was not worth the money. Maybe it would have been different if we'd been familiar with the latest crop of dub Voice actors -- the only one I recognized was Greg Ayres.  I DID track him down at the AUTOGRAPH table, and was able to ask him about the English dub VAs for the new SAIYUKI Reload Blast --- he could not OFFICIALLY say anything, he said, until next week, when the simulcast would air, BUT!  He was VERY excited about the work he'd been doing for the past month....

He did mention that some of the voicing might be a disappointment (which I take to mean that they couldn't get all of the original VAs) and that the animation was done by a different studio, but overall he thought fans would like it..... so I'm standing there doing a 'Happy Dance', going "YES!" because I never cared for the Geneon Studios voices (not that they were BAD, per se; they just weren't Brandon, David, Greg and Illych) -- and Greg has this gleeful smirk on his face.....

So that might have made the $20 at the door worth it.... but just barely.  Daughter was starting to wilt, so we left earlier than we might have usually.  I HAD planned to go back for the Masquerade,  but when we got home, Daughter was getting a migraine, and Husband had had a disappointing day as well -- our friend B was supposed to come over for the evening while Daughter and I were at the Con, but literally cancelled at the last minute..... so I decided to stay home and order in Husband's favorite pizza.

I've said it before, I know, but this might be our last ANIME-ZING, unless their programming gets a boost next year....

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The High Points since Last October:

In November:
1. I took half of the hand-knitted hats and scarves made by Odyssia and myself which had been accumulating in the church donation bin since the previous December, packaged them up and mailed them to the 'Knits for New York and New Jersey' drive for SuperStorm Sandy relief. The other half I drove downtown and delivered in person to the Homeless Teen Drop-In Shelter, since the church had pretty much dropped the distribution ball....

2. Hosted the Family Thanksgiving gathering/Dinner by renting the smaller dining room at the church.  Family members were encouraged to bring a dish to pass or a dessert, while We supplied the turkey, mashed potatoes, a really tasty sweet potato bisque that I'd experimented with, corn pudding & green bean casserole.  Most of the family, including the Texas brigade and Step-Daughter & SiL attended.  Texas BiL was introdiced to our local internationally famous German-style mustard, and was instantly smitten.

3. Oddyssia and I went to Chicago TARDIS Con 2012 -- had a great time, great guests, Oddyssia flirted with Sylvester McCoy during the Sunday Brunch, discovered that Tony Lee is a Sherlockian/Holmesian despite him dissing my Adric, bought a bunch of the Big Finish Audio Adventures (and have actually listened to some of them since then! -- now, if I could just find "Kingmaker", which I bought a couple years ago).  Oddyssia thinks she might be able to afford TARDISCon 2013;  which means she'd better get her membership soon, and I need to make room reservations....

4. Not a high point, but the Monday following TARDISCon, I had my annual physical during which my doctor informed me that after years of teetering on the Diabetic borderline, I had finally falling over onto the wrong side -- knew it would happen sooner or later, with our family history but  had been hoping for Much Later.... sigh.

In December:
Lots of Knitting -- made good use of the Knits for Nerds book. Made presents: Hobbit foot slippers for my Dad, Hermione's Beaded Bags in various colors for Oddyssia, Texas Niece,  and Step-Granddaughter. Took advantage of RightStuf's 12 Days of Christmas Sale to order anime for Husband and some items I wanted as well, including a nifty book of Bento recipes -- more re:Bento later.  Actually got to my Folks for Christmas on Christmas for a change!!!  Went to see The Hobbit.  Parents came out the following Sunday for New year's Ham....

January 2013:
Oddyssia came out to visit for a weekend.  While she was visiting, we went to see The Hobbit, and watched a bunch of  Series Five Doctor Who.  We also decided to get memberships to Anime-zing 3013: Me, Oddyssia and Daughter.  The Guest Line-up at that time was still fluctuating, but at least it wasn't a repeat of the previous three years, and after all, it IS local.... and the early bird discount was about to expire......


Not much interesting happened.  Lots of work-related stuff, that left me feeling more than a little underappreciated -- also donated a Triangular Knitted Shawl  as a prize to the Church's Trivia Nite Benefit for the after-school tutoring program we support.  I do sort of wonder if one of our members has it.... Experimented with Bento recipes...

Daughter asked if I would help her make/assemble Homestuck Cosplay for Anime-Zing. She did a LOT of internet-surfing, reasearching cosplay tutorials and patterns for two different outfits..... we spent hours every weekend, and some weeknights  for the rest of March and April, making patterns or finding patterns that could be adapted, bought material and several pre-maid clothing items that could be adapted, downloaded iron-on emblems -- Daughter learned how to sew, iron, make ruby slippers and dog ears -- and make up.....  Quite an experience, over all.  Reminded me a lot of my SCA days and garb making.....

Anime-zing DEFINATELY lived up to its name!!!   Guests included Little Kuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh:The Abridged Series fame, Greg Ayers (voice actor who has been in almost every popular anime for the past 10 years - saw & enjoyed at AnimeIowa a couple years ago), Sonny Strait (Voice actor & Manga/graphic novel artist),  Samurai Dan & Jillian, a bunch of others who I didn't recognized but who turned out to be highly entertaining as well.... Oddyssia enjoyed the Card & Board Game room (MAGIC:the Gathering is her game of choice), Daughter's HOMESTUCK costumes turned out stunning (she wants to do it again at ANINE-IOWA???), and I was NOT bored!  Okay, remember the BENTO I keep mentioning?  For Saturday, I made BENTO  for us to take  so we wouldn't have to leave the Con venue for Lunch --- turned out, I made waaaay more than we really needed, and we ended up eating leftover Bento for the next week!  But there were a lot of admiring comments in the ConSweet when I unpacked our lunch (mostly I think for the adorable Totoro Bento Box I was using....)

Once I figure out how to download photos from my phone, I'll see about posting pictures of Daughter as Jade God-Tier.

Anime-Zing this year was like an Ice Cream Sundae:  Local Anime Con + Good Guests= the Ice Cream,  Little Kuriboh = Whipped Cream Topping; Almost Last Minute Guest Greg Ayers = Cherry on the top!

After Anime-Zing Weekend, I buckled down and made Imagines an Amazing Technicolor Triangular Shawl for her graduation....



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