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Last week I was celebrating  that I'd manged to make it through the winter without slipping and falling on the ice ... so what happens Monday evening?  I slip on the rain-slippery wood  of the back porch, take a tumble and manage to  pull muscles and/or bruise my right side ribs against (I presume) a porch planter box.... (insert snarky references to 'Pride" and downfalls).  I was doing okay with Ibuprofen, until yesterday when I decided to switch to Tylenol... mistake.  I'm hurting again today, so back to the ibuprofen. If this continues through the weekend, Monday I will go visit a doctor.

Speaking of doctors, New Doctor was not happy with either my Blood Pressure or my Blood sugar numbers last month; I blame the Blood Sugar on holiday chocolate and not being able to do much walking in February and March.  The high blood pressure?  I've always tested high at doctor visits; my Old Doctor called it 'Office Anxiety' -- he didn't worry TOO much about the blood pressure and A1c so long as my other levels (cholesterol, potassium, calcium) and liver function were good.  But now I have yet another prescription pill to take  - a diuretic.  This tiny orange pill -- I think my Dad took this one when he was first diagnosed with hypertension.  Personally, I defy anyone to NOT have High Blood Pressure after nearly $2,000 of unexpected automobile repairs (front & back brakes, plus tie-rods), in addition to stressing over a faulty gas tank sensor which would have required removing the gas tank to get at, and would have taken the final cost OVER $2,000....   and  figuring out how to pay for all  this on my reduced salary.

Tax Refund?  Um, most of it went to refilling the Furnace Oil Tank, and the remainder is stashed away to pay Property Taxes this year.


Our Russian Overlords  on Live Journal are now requiring that users acknowledge and agree to a new TOS document before they allow access.  I'm stalling, but I will have to do something sooner or later.  I have yet to fully import to DW .... I did a partial import back in 2014(?),  got my entries, but none of the attached comments.  I'm not sure if it will work properly this time, especially with entries that are duplicate.


On the knitting front: finished the ruffled triangular shawl, despite having lost the instructions 2/3rds of the way through -- I was able to fake the decreases sufficiently, although the bind-off looks a bit odd. Almost finished with a 'spring' children's hood.  Finished a pair of mis-matched arm/wrist warmers (trying to use up left-over yarn).  Have started, frogged, and restarted twice more an 'intermediate difficulty' shawl -- the YO's and repeat from * are tricky.  But the yarn is gorgeous.  

I used a gift card from Christmas to purchase a few e-books from Amazon - one of Bujold's Penric novels, a Christoper Fowler  'Bryant & Mays' mystery, and the first in Patricia Wrede's  '13th Daughter' series.  And then discovered that apparently my Kindle PaperWhite's battery has gone bad and will not hold a charge longer than two days...... sigh.  Add that to the list of things to fix/replace when I have spare money.

Books read:"Industrial Magic" by Kelley Armstrong, 'The Heretic's Daughter' by Michelle Moran, "A Study in Scarlet Women' by Sherry Thomas, 'Leviathan' by Scott Westerfield, 'Day Shift' and 'Night Shift' by Charlene Harris,  'The Saint vs Scotland Yard' by Leslie Charteris.

Books re-read:  Most of Charlotte MacLeod's 'Sara Kelling' series, one or two of Maggie Sefton's 'Lambspun' mysteries

Still working on: "Guns, Germs and Steel"


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