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Wish Dad were here to see this ... I went to bed last night during the Rain Delay, got up this morning to find that my Cubbies had pulled it off! HOLY COW!

I ain't afraid of no goats - not any more....
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Well, having been thwarted in our plans to spend money at Steelheart by the ubiquitous 'Holiday Hours' policy last weekend, we instead expanded our Prairie/Butterfly Garden with Swamp Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Flox, Red Valerian, Bee Balm, and two other perennials that I can't recall the names of but were purchased because they were yellow/orange and we wanted a variety of colors.... the irony, of course, being that we spent good money on plants that could have been dug up from a roadside ditch, and that our various farmer ancestors had spent good money trying to eradicate from their fields. Oh, and the odd little gargoyle fountain planter that I'm not certain how to use (since we don't have a fountain --- yet). At least we got most of the plants in the ground before the rain hit, AGAIN.

Watched a CUBS game on TV Saturday night -- They made my Dad proud! Not only did they win 7 - 2, but one of the rookie batters achieved the CUBS first 4th of July Grand Slam home run since 1911!!!! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

Because of all the rain the mosquitos have been fierce, but I cannot recall ever having such large, persistent bite welts before! I realize that part of the problem is that many of my bites are located in areas where my clothing chafes and therefore is a near-constant irritant, but seriously!

Two of our church members passed away over the weekend -- neither was particularly unexpected, both had been in poor health for quite a while. Back-to-back funerals: one yesterday, the other this afternoon.

A preliminary Schedule for Anime-Zing! activities has been posted. I'm STILL not impressed.



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