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Okay, that's a bit misleading..... no Death involved this past week, thank goodness, but Taxes is appropriate.... We had our friendly Amerifile man do our tax returns last week -- 1st time for Daughter, lucky kid gets all her money back this time -- the Good news is we get some back too; the bad news is that it's mostly from State, which means, because the State of Illinois is BROKE, we'll get the money ...whenever.  If ever.

Okay, just realized Death IS involved, sort of, because Husband and I have an appointment next week to talk to a lawyer about Wills.  As in, neither of us has one, yet.  And we really should, if nothing else, to determine the disposition of the House should Husband predecease me (I'm not listed on the Title/Deed).  As it sits now, should Husband die over the weekend, his estate (such as it is) would be split three ways -- me, Step-Daughter, and Daughter.  Not begrudging Step-Daughter her share, but I WOULD like to be able to keep living in this house!  In contrast, my estate (such as it is) should be fairly simple -- Husband and Daughter.  Granted, there are some personal items I would like to go to my sisters, and maybe Nephew would like my Classic Marvel comic books,  but hey....

Good grief, I sound morbid this morning ....


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