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Got into work early today, and got 10 minutes of walking in before any one else showed up. It's easier to walk when no one else is around to ask, 'Mary, what are you doing?', or 'Mary, can you do THIS for me since you're here?' I generally walk up and down the halls and around the sanctuary -- I figure the Omnipotent One won't mind, since I'm making an effort to be healthy. I actually started doing this and the BG monitoring back in December -- I had to get creative with the walking while the sanctuary was decorated for Christmas, but it was all good. I wanted my doctor to be proud of me instead of mildly disappointed next time I saw him -- which unfortunately will be never, since he retired unexpectedly mid-December.

Cue the scramble to find New Doctor! especially since I was almost out of refills on three of my four medications. New doctor is young, so hopefully won't be retiring soon - Plus! on the Minus side, I will have to break her in; AND she's part of a Health Group, which could lead to switch board miscommunication -- has actually already happened: I called to give New Doctor a 'heads up' that my pharmacy would be calling about Prescription Refills, and when Pharmacy called, the switchboard told them 'No Such Patient in our Files'.... fortunately, I'd rather expected some such difficulty occurring and had allowed a few days of leeway before I was actually in dire need. Got it straightened out, and New Doctor wrote two of the prescriptions for an 90 day supply -- I'm surprised the Insurance let her do that.... maybe because she's in an Approved Health Care Group, whereas Old Doctor was an independent GP.

I miss my Old Doctor -- he had a great sense of humor and a practical attitude towards health care.

Efforts to get healthy include Eating Health(ier) -- My new Mantra is "More Salad, Fewer Fries", or as I told Daughter and Husband -- "French Fries are the Enemy!" Baked potatoes and baked sweet potato fries are okay, in moderation, because 'Fiber is Good.' Not making any headway on the 'Eat More Fish' campaign, however. Can't really complain, though; I'm not that fond of fish myself.

Being Thrifty: The rule about not buying more yarn, dvds or books does not apply in the following instances:

1) I need the yarn to finish a current project and am unable to find an adequate substitute in my stash;

2) my four current manga series - 'The Ancient Magus's Bride', 'Kaze Hikaru', 'Master Keaton', and
'Natsume's Book of Friends';

3) the remaining two live action 'Rurouni Kenshin' movies, the "Yuri! On Ice" anime, and 5th series 'Natsume' anime.

4) the OST to "Yuri! On Ice" if it becomes available -- absolutely captivating music, all of it produced for the anime, in multiple styles.

5) The books I have 'on request' at the Used Book Store: "The Captain's Dog" by Roland Smith, and the "Leviathan" series by Scott Westerfield. I placed this order before New Years, so I consider myself obligated to follow through. Actually, I have so much credit at UBS, anything I find there I consider fair game.

I currently have a prayer shawl, and a stocking cap on the needles; plus another two shawls that need additional finishing (crocheted borders, which I have been putting off since I will need to re-teach myself Crochet -- unless I can get someone from the ministry to volunteer?). Last fall I bought a book of knitted hat patterns; I've decided to knit at least one of each in due time.  I've made two so far; one went on the church's Mitten/Hat Tree, and the other I gave to the church's music director for Christmas.  Several I have my eye on for the children of a friend. Various hats have various difficulty ratings, so hopefully I will learn new techniques.

Writing and Fan Fiction:  I am making plans to send the faulty hard drive from three (?) years ago to a friend in Montana, who may be able to retrieve the data.  If The Moffett succeeds, I will have my lost stories back.  Am also continuing to research SteamPunk/Victoriam/Edwardian backgrounds for my FemRyou Bakura Egyptologist cosplay. 

No plans at this time for Conventions, other than the local one in July.  This may change once I get a few  Reduced Paychecks into the bank and work out a budget.


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Title: "A Piece of the Night"
Author: not_hathor, aka MotherCHOWGoddess
Rating: M (adult themes, human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria, sexual innuendo and suggestive language, demonology)

Disclaimer: The characters from THE SHADOW radio serials, novels and movies are owned by Street and Smith, Maxwell Grant, Walter B Gibson, Universal Studios, etc. The characters from "The Real Ghostbuters" animated series, as well as the movies "Ghostbusters" and Ghostbusters 2" belong to Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd, Columbia Pictures, MedJack Productions, etc. This story was written sorely for my own enjoyment and that of other RGB and The Shadow fans, and no profit is being made by it.

A/N & Warning: I have done *minimal* editing on this -- it is still very much a Work In Progress-- and have taken some liberties with canon regarding The Shadow and his history. This story is set early in The Shadow's career as a vigilante crime fighter in New York City, still in the process of developing his network of agents.

New York City - 1926

Surgeon General's Warning:The Weed of Crime Can Be Hazardous to Your Health and Social Status )


*Makes Puppy Dog Eyes* Anyone reading (other than Dragonwrangler)? Please comment -- I promise that the Real Ghostbusters will appear in the next installment!

P.S. - If anyone is wondering, my visual model for 'Tess' is Cote de Pablo, who portrays 'Ziva David' on N.C.I.S.
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There's a meme making the fanfic rounds about posting the first lines of your 20 most recent fics.....

If I include the unfinished ones on LJ, and the three that aren't available on-line or on a computer harddrive (hard copies only -- and they're somewhere in the storage bins in the attic), I MIGHT be able to come up with ten....

First Lines? )

Should I include the YGO/Torchwood AU?

Edited to Add: Okay, I did.... which leaves two 'zine stories in the attic unaccounted for....

I *think* people are supposed to guess the stories???
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Well, after a month's hiatus from LJ, and a few odd mishaps, there is a possibility that this evening after running errands we will be coming home with a new fur baby..... considering the last time we went out 'just to look' Daughter and I agreed instantly that we had to bring that sweet bedraggled boy chow home from the Shelter SOON, and the time before that Husband and I drove home across the better part of two states with an eight-week old puppy on my lap. On the other hand, this one is located just on the other side of the river. will keep the fingers crossed.

Lemon Chapter of 'Shadow' going slow..... 'Still Waters' is not quite ready, 'Chiyogami' is stalled. And how are things with you all?

Edited 5/15/06 to Add:
Okay, as of tonight the new puppy is still unnamed, but it's narrowed down to 'Belldandy' and 'Yufie'.... I gave Husband and Daughter an ultimatum: name the little angel tomorrow, or I'm calling her 'Ennis'! -- this earned me a blank look from husband, and a threat of shredded manga from Daughter. We shall see.....


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