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Well, it's been an exhausting week -- who would have thought that feeding two prone-to-squabbling Chows soft canned food three times a day would be so much work?  Jethro can't have dry kibble until the vet clears him (this coming Monday! Yays!), and BOTH dogs have developed 'messy bottom syndrome' from the constant diet of canned.  Since Wednesday, I've tried mixing kibble in with Bel's food and have to watch them both like a hawk until both finish so Jethro doesn't eat contraband.... Oh yeah, and the Canned Food feeding instructions read: "Feed one can per 15 pounds of Dogs' weight..... okay, two 60 pound dogs, that's ---- 4 EFFING cans  A  PIECE Per Day, PER DOG!!!!    Not happening, folks, not made out of money.... another reason for mixing kibble into Bel's bowl.  And I discovered first hand how FEW  commercial brand doggie treats are available that AREN'T hard and crunchy!!!


I've been feeding an average 3 cans each per day, on the theory of neither dog is particularly active, and Bel at least could stand to lose a bit of weight (less strain on that damaged leg joint).

I will be damn glad when I can start setting out the self-feed kibble again!!!!

Mom and Odyssia came out for Easter; we had a nice pre-cooked ham (frozen since Thanksgiving, when the grocery store had their hand-dandy  'Buy a Turkey, get a Ham FREE' deal , and re-baked).... Sometimes I wish Odyssia would be a bit more discreet when borrowing DVDs and Manga, especially when Mom is around (Mom does not approve of some of our 'frivolous' hobbies).


Both Daughter and I  have confirmed Mediawest*Con memberships -- the check FINALLY cleared on Thursday!  and I have made my Room Request -- hopefully at the host hotel (Ramada Inn, Lansing) -- Ratzenfratzen 'room lott-- er, reservation system').  I've looked at the lists of proposed Panels and am SHOCKED that there is absolutely NO listing for a HIGHLANDER panel, of any kind!  This year was the 30th Anniversary of the first (and BEST, IMHO) HIGHLANDER movie, with my Best Beloved Connor MacLeod ---

I want to hold a 30th Anniversary Party for the HIGHLANDER  -- but I can't make any plans until I know if I have a room at the Ramada -- It would be REALLY nice if I had any notion that any one else would be interested....



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