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not_hathor ([personal profile] not_hathor) wrote2017-04-07 01:44 pm
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Follow-Up to Yesterday

 Well, it appears that I will need to "agree" to Live Journal's TOS in order to IMPORT, as the 'cross-posting' from DW yesterday failed.

Bah.    Can anyone tell me if they've had negative impact on their LJ sites after 'agreeing'?  

Last night I 'basted' my right-hand ribs with ICY-Hot, and switched back to Tylenol, since it doesn't identify as an NSAID; NSAID's don't play well with my diuretic, apparently. Bah, again. Whatever.  This morning was a bit of discomfort, but I was able to get in a good 30 minutes of walking today while the Sunday bulletins printed.  It occurred to me that the pattern I walk as I peregrinate around the pews might resemble a labyrinth, which makes me feel a little better about using the Sanctuary for exercise, since 'walking a labyrinth' is a somewhat  traditional (acceptable) means for meditation and/or prayer. 

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