Aug. 1st, 2017

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Due to the rain during July, we have practically floated into August.... the rivers are still uncomfortably high,  but going down (very slowly).  And once again, the mosquitoes are finding little ol' me to be a tasty treat, especially when I'm trying to sleep.  I have such ghastly bite welts and what  I suspect is scratch-irritated heat rash -- I've tried aloe gel, witch hazel, calamine lotion, Absorbine Jr., generic anti-itching spray, and antihistamines.  Oh, and over the weekend at home, cold compresses. Very temporary relief with most on these; the anti-itch spray and the antihistamines have had the longest lasting effects, but I can't use them together, and I don't want to take the antihistamines too often because I don't like throwing OTC drugs into the HBP / Diabetes / High Cholesterol pharmaceutical mix too often. Any ideas that are practical to a working schedule?

Nephew's college blanket was finished, and mailed to Texas --- where it was received with much delight.  Now I have to think about birthday prezzies for the Niece.  A wall poster of the 'Game of Thrones' world was suggested.... 

Beldandy had her yearly trip to the vet for shots, and was discovered to have infections in BOTH ears; daily ear washes and antibiotic ear drops for the next two weeks ensued -- not much hilarity, however.  Fortunately, at the follow-up visit yesterday, she was declared 'all better' but with the recommendation that I continue cleaning the ears on a regular basis. Bel was not amused.

And because I don't have FaceBook or Twitter, I'll post here:  [personal profile] apollymi  and her roommate [personal profile] katsuko  have a financial emergency due to some shenanigans involving short paychecks, the IRS and an unexpected veterinarian bill.  They have a fundraising link on . Thanks to my shortened work hours (and decreased pay) this year, plus almost monthly unexpected expenditures (mostly car related), my budget has been tight, so I couldn't donate as much as I wanted to, but even $10 would help.... it adds up.  So if all you can do is spread the word via FB or Twitter, that would help too.....


Books read: "Seventy-Seven Clocks" and "The Water Room" by Christopher Fowler. 

Knitting projects: trying to use up leftovers from Nephew's blanket, and a scarf using the 'One Row' pattern


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