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Gah!!! For some one who claims to not like wearing socks on a regular basis, the Daughter certainly has enough dirty ones lurking under her bed --- I think I have discovered the whereabouts of Husband's most recent package of tube socks (which disappeared almost over night!).

Daughter in currently in Texas (nowhere near Houston and the coast, btw) visiting her Boyfriend.  She scrimped and saved as much as possible, ever since Christmas (we thought she was saving for a new PS4 module), and shortly after Anime-not-so-amazing this July, she informed me that she had crunched the numbers and thought she could pull it off with a minimum of assistance.  

I made the mistake of suggesting AmTrak instead of Greyhound.... oh, hey! that works even better!!!  

I pointed out that New Boyfriend had messed up the courting protocols: he is supposed to come HERE first, at least once, before even considering her crossing half the country to visit....Heck, she never visited Previous Boyfriend W.  in California, and he visited and spent time with us TWICE, a week each time and we even went to an anime convention together --  I liked him.

She pointed out that BOYFRIEND Z. has a full-time job, and is attending Community College classes, and can't take time off easily. Whereas she is still only part-time employed.  And that she has the money NOW. Oh, and btw, she IS an Adult, and doesn't really need permission.

So.  She still needed my help to get to the nearest AmTrak.  So after some discussion, it was settled. She left last Friday afternoon; and entertained us for the rest of the evening with commentary on the route, the dining car, a dragon-shaped cloud in the sky halfway through Missouri via her SmartPhone -- then called us at 6:36 Saturday a.m. to let us know that she had arrived safely, and BFZ was there to pick her up at the train station as promised.  She's generally been checking in a minimum of twice a day, although yesterday afternoon we had a long, sporadic text conversation about whether a certain 'dollar store' chain carried cookie baking sheets.

While she's gone, though ..... her room is getting cleaned. Husband has threatened to hire a back-hoe.  I told him better to hire a 'cherry-picker' lift truck so we can remove those last big branches from the Wildlife Refuge tree safely, without people falling off ladders, garage roofs, or branches landing on next-door-neighbor's soon to be built shed sometime next winter when the ice storms hit.

Gad! I went home at lunch, made the mistake of looking under the bed again --- They've MULTIPLIED!


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