Sep. 18th, 2017

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Daughter came home from Texas over Labor Day weekend .... sigh. She's got it bad.  At least once a day we hear some variation of 'when I go back to Texas" -- she's thinking sometime in October.  Me and Husband are saying, 'Get your bank-account balanced first.'  Apparently Boy Friend Z is a fairly stereotypical young adult bachelor in that he doesn't cook much -- according to Daughter, he has NOTHING in the way of cooking or baking utensils.  I told her we'd send him a Crockpot  and oven mitts for Christmas.

Jethro moped the entire time she was gone, and has been very needy since her return.  Which probably explains why he's been so mouthy with  Bel, and is most like why (other than my being stupid!) I got chomped last Tuesday while restraining Bel after one of their brouhahas.  To his credit, I think Jethro realized immediately that he's chomped the wrong female, because he let go right away.... but I still had the puncture wound on my arm.  I washed it out thoroughly, applied antiseptic and slapped on the band aids....  and pretty much didn't think about it again until Friday, when I decided to let it 'breathe' a bit, left off the band aid, and went to get lunch at Subway, where the counter gal said, "Ouch! That looks infected...."   Well, Shazbaat!!!

So, because Husband and I were going out of town for the weekend (visiting Aunt) and I had NO desire to visit a Cook County ER if it really was infected and got worse, I made a late afternoon visit to the Express Care Clinic, where I got scolded by the nurse for not coming in earlier in the week, and was informed that by law, they are required to report Dog Bites to the local Animal Control Officer.... which was sort of why I had dragged my feet about coming in -- that, and it had looked like it was healing just FINE until that day....

Then I got scolded by the Doctor, again for not coming in earlier in the week, got a lecture on the dangers of infection re:dog bites, and a prescription for a 10-day course of antibiotics.  When I mentioned that Husband  and I were going out of town for the weekend, the doctor said I should talk to Animal Control right away..... this at approx 4:30 in the afternoon.... So I rushed off to our village police department to talk to animal control. I had horrific visions of men in a black van carrying muzzles and choke loops descending on our house while we were out of town, terrifying dogs and Daughter, and dragging poor Jethro off to the pound for quarantine.... but I just had a chat with the nice officer, confirmed that, 'Yes, I owned the dog, I was the only one bitten, the dog was NOT running loose biting random by-passers, and he was up to date with his shots,' and that was it, other than going over to the pharmacy for my antibiotics.

We got a later than usual start on our weekend, but overall it was pretty good.  The CUBs won over the Cardinals Sat. and Sun, (not sure about Fri.),so that was good.

Looking at my Birthday week now.  Had a Diabetic check-in with my regular doctor -- I've lost weight,  my blood pressure (despite the stress on Friday) was good, and my A1C had improved.  Overall, it looks to me that  despite dog chomps and diabetes, I may be trundling into the big Six-Oh in better condition health-wise than I did the previous decade.  How about that?


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