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Daughter came home from Texas over Labor Day weekend .... sigh. She's got it bad.  At least once a day we hear some variation of 'when I go back to Texas" -- she's thinking sometime in October.  Me and Husband are saying, 'Get your bank-account balanced first.'  Apparently Boy Friend Z is a fairly stereotypical young adult bachelor in that he doesn't cook much -- according to Daughter, he has NOTHING in the way of cooking or baking utensils.  I told her we'd send him a Crockpot  and oven mitts for Christmas.

Jethro moped the entire time she was gone, and has been very needy since her return.  Which probably explains why he's been so mouthy with  Bel, and is most like why (other than my being stupid!) I got chomped last Tuesday while restraining Bel after one of their brouhahas.  To his credit, I think Jethro realized immediately that he's chomped the wrong female, because he let go right away.... but I still had the puncture wound on my arm.  I washed it out thoroughly, applied antiseptic and slapped on the band aids....  and pretty much didn't think about it again until Friday, when I decided to let it 'breathe' a bit, left off the band aid, and went to get lunch at Subway, where the counter gal said, "Ouch! That looks infected...."   Well, Shazbaat!!!

So, because Husband and I were going out of town for the weekend (visiting Aunt) and I had NO desire to visit a Cook County ER if it really was infected and got worse, I made a late afternoon visit to the Express Care Clinic, where I got scolded by the nurse for not coming in earlier in the week, and was informed that by law, they are required to report Dog Bites to the local Animal Control Officer.... which was sort of why I had dragged my feet about coming in -- that, and it had looked like it was healing just FINE until that day....

Then I got scolded by the Doctor, again for not coming in earlier in the week, got a lecture on the dangers of infection re:dog bites, and a prescription for a 10-day course of antibiotics.  When I mentioned that Husband  and I were going out of town for the weekend, the doctor said I should talk to Animal Control right away..... this at approx 4:30 in the afternoon.... So I rushed off to our village police department to talk to animal control. I had horrific visions of men in a black van carrying muzzles and choke loops descending on our house while we were out of town, terrifying dogs and Daughter, and dragging poor Jethro off to the pound for quarantine.... but I just had a chat with the nice officer, confirmed that, 'Yes, I owned the dog, I was the only one bitten, the dog was NOT running loose biting random by-passers, and he was up to date with his shots,' and that was it, other than going over to the pharmacy for my antibiotics.

We got a later than usual start on our weekend, but overall it was pretty good.  The CUBs won over the Cardinals Sat. and Sun, (not sure about Fri.),so that was good.

Looking at my Birthday week now.  Had a Diabetic check-in with my regular doctor -- I've lost weight,  my blood pressure (despite the stress on Friday) was good, and my A1C had improved.  Overall, it looks to me that  despite dog chomps and diabetes, I may be trundling into the big Six-Oh in better condition health-wise than I did the previous decade.  How about that?
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Gah!!! For some one who claims to not like wearing socks on a regular basis, the Daughter certainly has enough dirty ones lurking under her bed --- I think I have discovered the whereabouts of Husband's most recent package of tube socks (which disappeared almost over night!).

Daughter in currently in Texas (nowhere near Houston and the coast, btw) visiting her Boyfriend.  She scrimped and saved as much as possible, ever since Christmas (we thought she was saving for a new PS4 module), and shortly after Anime-not-so-amazing this July, she informed me that she had crunched the numbers and thought she could pull it off with a minimum of assistance.  

I made the mistake of suggesting AmTrak instead of Greyhound.... oh, hey! that works even better!!!  

I pointed out that New Boyfriend had messed up the courting protocols: he is supposed to come HERE first, at least once, before even considering her crossing half the country to visit....Heck, she never visited Previous Boyfriend W.  in California, and he visited and spent time with us TWICE, a week each time and we even went to an anime convention together --  I liked him.

She pointed out that BOYFRIEND Z. has a full-time job, and is attending Community College classes, and can't take time off easily. Whereas she is still only part-time employed.  And that she has the money NOW. Oh, and btw, she IS an Adult, and doesn't really need permission.

So.  She still needed my help to get to the nearest AmTrak.  So after some discussion, it was settled. She left last Friday afternoon; and entertained us for the rest of the evening with commentary on the route, the dining car, a dragon-shaped cloud in the sky halfway through Missouri via her SmartPhone -- then called us at 6:36 Saturday a.m. to let us know that she had arrived safely, and BFZ was there to pick her up at the train station as promised.  She's generally been checking in a minimum of twice a day, although yesterday afternoon we had a long, sporadic text conversation about whether a certain 'dollar store' chain carried cookie baking sheets.

While she's gone, though ..... her room is getting cleaned. Husband has threatened to hire a back-hoe.  I told him better to hire a 'cherry-picker' lift truck so we can remove those last big branches from the Wildlife Refuge tree safely, without people falling off ladders, garage roofs, or branches landing on next-door-neighbor's soon to be built shed sometime next winter when the ice storms hit.

Gad! I went home at lunch, made the mistake of looking under the bed again --- They've MULTIPLIED!

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Fortunately I'd already seen this on [personal profile] rhi 's page, so I had some time to think about it before being tagged by [personal profile] apollymi :

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

1. Ghostbusters (1985) / The Real Ghostbusters
2. Highlander (first three movies/TV series)
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime & manga)

The first character you loved:
1. Egon Spengler - I have always had a weakness for the brilliant, socially awkward characters with the wickedly dry sense of humor
2. Connor MacLeod - hands down - again with the wickedly dry sense of humor...
3. Ryou Bakura - the British accent in the 4Kids dub got my attention first, then came appreciation for his strength of character. 

The character you never expected to love so much:

1. Peter Venkman - yes, he's annoying, and in the films just this side of being a con-man, but in RGB you get to see the softer side of Peter, his knack for dealing with kids and older ladies (Mrs Faverisham), and his fierce loyalty to the rest of the team and unexpected courage in dealing with disaster.
2. Richie Ryan -- street punk with a heart of gold; like a little brother I never had
3. Seto Kaiba -- first impression: Spoiled. Rich. Bully. But after a while we got to see his back story - orphan adopted by an abusive billionaire; damaged emotionally and physically, but still fighting to stay true to himself. Plus, brilliant socially awkward Seto would willingly die to protect his little brother... Mokuba is Seto's saving grace, Yami's "mind crush" regardless.

The character you relate to the most:
1. Janine / Winston - Janine, because I've been working switchboard/secretarial since 1989 and I've done the crazy, such as the FEMA hotline during the 1993 Iowa-Illinois Flooding, and being a church administrative assistant for the past 17 years hasn't exactly been a cakewalk, either. Winston, because he's the most 'normal' member of the team. Solid, dependable, rolls with the punches  - I'm convinced that he's an Earth sign.  Like me.
2. Richie, and Dr. Alex from the third movie -  because they start out as regular folks, minding their own business, that get caught up in the Immortal insanity and learn to cope (mostly). Plus, Dr. Alex is an archaeologist (major points!).
3. Tristan, aka Hiroto Honda - he's not a Duelist, or a genius, or Possessing/ Possessed by a Millennium Item.  But he's a loyal friend and does what he can to support the others through the bad and crazy.

The characters you’d slap:
1. Walter Peck.  Louis Tully. The smarmy guy from the mayor's office. Peter (sometimes).
2. Duncan MacLeod. His 'I know best, because I'm a 500 year old Scottish Chieftain's son, no compromising allowed' attitude drives me up a wall -- especially when he's dealing with either Richie (after his first Quickening) or someone whose moral code is more flexible - like Methos.
3. Um. Definitely Rex Raptor/ Weevil Underwood.  Both Tea and Mai Valentine on occasion.  Rebecca Hawkins. One of the Oricalchos duelists (can't remember his name....

Three favorite characters (in order of preference):
1. Egon, Winston, Dana (movies)  Egon, Peter, Janine (RGB)
2. Connor MacLeod, Ramirez, Kastigir (movies); Richie, Joe Dawson, Amanda (TV)
3. Ryou Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Yuugi Moto (Save the baby Panda!)

A character you liked at first but not anymore:
1. Slimer - he was fine as a mascot, in RGB, but then they made him the focus during the final season - UGH!
2. Amanda - I liked her a lot in the Highlander TV series, but don't like her in "The Raven" spin-off.
3. Tea - she started out spunky and motivated (especially in the manga), but then Yami no Yuugi started showing up on a regular basis and she got all swooney and pretty much ignored her child-hood friend in favor of the mysterious alter-ego.... the 4Kids dub and the 'friendship speeches......

A character you did not like at first but now do:
1. Peter Venkman (RGB) (see comments above)
2. Methos - When he first appeared, I didn't like him.  Mostly because I felt that he was pushing Richie out of the picture.  My personal head-canon: When Duncan DIDN"T kill Richie at the end of Season 5 (Richie ducked!), Methos smuggled Richie out of the country and got him safely into Connor's protection.... He's now using the name Ryan Nash as 2nd Guitar in a Rock Band that operates out of Cheyenne Mountain....
3. Jounouchi, aka, Joey Wheeler.  At first I was really annoyed by his loud-mouth bragging and hair-trigger temper, but he started earning those bragging rights as the series progressed....

3 otp’s 
1. Egon/Janine, Peter/Dana Barrett, Louis Tully/random Terror Dog (ok, that last one was mean, but I really don't like Louis. Period.)
2. Connor/Heather, Connor/Dr. Alex,  Duncan/Tessa (he was quite likeable while Tessa was alive!)
Ryou Bakura/Seto Kaiba,  Yuugi/Tea, Yami no Bakura/Priest Seto

Not too many folks on DreamWidth for me to tag..... so I'll just leave it up to anyone who wants to.....

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Due to the rain during July, we have practically floated into August.... the rivers are still uncomfortably high,  but going down (very slowly).  And once again, the mosquitoes are finding little ol' me to be a tasty treat, especially when I'm trying to sleep.  I have such ghastly bite welts and what  I suspect is scratch-irritated heat rash -- I've tried aloe gel, witch hazel, calamine lotion, Absorbine Jr., generic anti-itching spray, and antihistamines.  Oh, and over the weekend at home, cold compresses. Very temporary relief with most on these; the anti-itch spray and the antihistamines have had the longest lasting effects, but I can't use them together, and I don't want to take the antihistamines too often because I don't like throwing OTC drugs into the HBP / Diabetes / High Cholesterol pharmaceutical mix too often. Any ideas that are practical to a working schedule?

Nephew's college blanket was finished, and mailed to Texas --- where it was received with much delight.  Now I have to think about birthday prezzies for the Niece.  A wall poster of the 'Game of Thrones' world was suggested.... 

Beldandy had her yearly trip to the vet for shots, and was discovered to have infections in BOTH ears; daily ear washes and antibiotic ear drops for the next two weeks ensued -- not much hilarity, however.  Fortunately, at the follow-up visit yesterday, she was declared 'all better' but with the recommendation that I continue cleaning the ears on a regular basis. Bel was not amused.

And because I don't have FaceBook or Twitter, I'll post here:  [personal profile] apollymi  and her roommate [personal profile] katsuko  have a financial emergency due to some shenanigans involving short paychecks, the IRS and an unexpected veterinarian bill.  They have a fundraising link on . Thanks to my shortened work hours (and decreased pay) this year, plus almost monthly unexpected expenditures (mostly car related), my budget has been tight, so I couldn't donate as much as I wanted to, but even $10 would help.... it adds up.  So if all you can do is spread the word via FB or Twitter, that would help too.....


Books read: "Seventy-Seven Clocks" and "The Water Room" by Christopher Fowler. 

Knitting projects: trying to use up leftovers from Nephew's blanket, and a scarf using the 'One Row' pattern


Jul. 16th, 2017 02:55 pm
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Because of unexpected automobile repairs during February, March,  and June (brakes, tie-rods, exhaust pipe) on top of decreased hours/ pay at work since January which has resulted in cash flow problems these past six and a half  going on seven months, Daughter and I did not get our Anime-Zing members in advance, but purchased at the door.  Daughter had worked hard on her cosplay (Aqua, from one of the Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, I'm told) - which turned out looking very nice, and I still think she should have entered at least the Hall Cosplay competition -- but overall, I can't help feeling that even the one-day membership was not worth the money. Maybe it would have been different if we'd been familiar with the latest crop of dub Voice actors -- the only one I recognized was Greg Ayres.  I DID track him down at the AUTOGRAPH table, and was able to ask him about the English dub VAs for the new SAIYUKI Reload Blast --- he could not OFFICIALLY say anything, he said, until next week, when the simulcast would air, BUT!  He was VERY excited about the work he'd been doing for the past month....

He did mention that some of the voicing might be a disappointment (which I take to mean that they couldn't get all of the original VAs) and that the animation was done by a different studio, but overall he thought fans would like it..... so I'm standing there doing a 'Happy Dance', going "YES!" because I never cared for the Geneon Studios voices (not that they were BAD, per se; they just weren't Brandon, David, Greg and Illych) -- and Greg has this gleeful smirk on his face.....

So that might have made the $20 at the door worth it.... but just barely.  Daughter was starting to wilt, so we left earlier than we might have usually.  I HAD planned to go back for the Masquerade,  but when we got home, Daughter was getting a migraine, and Husband had had a disappointing day as well -- our friend B was supposed to come over for the evening while Daughter and I were at the Con, but literally cancelled at the last minute..... so I decided to stay home and order in Husband's favorite pizza.

I've said it before, I know, but this might be our last ANIME-ZING, unless their programming gets a boost next year....

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 Well, the Raccoon has apparently vacated our tree.  I'm a little sad -- it was mildly entertaining to peek through the knothole  and spy a ball of grey fur, or a pair of beady little eyes, or even on occasion, fur plus small foot sticking out of the knothole ....  At a guess, I'd say that the Raccoon decided that our neighborhood was a bit too noisy for its liking, what with the hippie neighbors (NOT US!!!) playing Neil Young and Oak Ridge Boys well into the night on the weekends, barking Jethro, lawn mowers, ambulances and police cars  next door (again, NOT US!!!).    The river, I might mention, is still very close to Flood Stage, despite it not raining locally for almost two weeks.

Nephew's afghan/blanket is most likely close to 2/3rds done. I have 16 inches to go, before I knit the end border, and then add borders to the long sides.  The total size, according to the directions, is 50" x 58".  

Confession Time: when I said in the last entry that I didn't have time to read, due to the knitting, it wasn't quite true.  When my fingers get tired and start cramping, I set the knitting aside and pick up a book for a while.  I have read "Song of the Lion", by Anne Hillerman,  and Season of the Hyena, by Paul Doherty, and re-read Chapel Noir by Carole Nelson Douglas.  My Husband is on a Dan Brown kick, and has been nagging at me to read The Lost Symbol.   Ummm, sorry, I really have no interest in reading about conspiracies involving the Masons.   Also, since Crunchyroll has been running Series 6 of "Natsume's Book of Friends", I've been re-reading the manga as I locate them (scattered throughout the house).  

Wretchedly hot weather.  Of course, it COULD be wretchedly hot and HUMID weather.... and probably will be soon.
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 We have a tenant in the big, partially hollow tree in the backyard -- no, not Keebler elves, nor Pini elves, nor even named 'David'.  We have a Raccoon.  Which is driving Jethro crazy, especially at around 2:30 in the morning when it decides to go walk-about in the (mostly) vacant lot next door.  I've seen it a few times; so has Daughter.  Husband got to see it one evening around dusk, when, for reasons only known to the critter itself, it decided to emulate our acrobatic squirrel troop and attempt a tree-to-tree maneuver and thence to the ground before trundling its way down the sidewalk and out into the alley.  We suspect that due to the tons of rain during the latter half of May, the varmint was flooded out of its usual habitat (we are approximately 1/2 mile from the river, as the crow flies/raccoon trundles).... the real question is whether or not we have a SingleRaccoonMale, or an ExpectantRaccoonFemale -- it being that time of year.....  Hopefully, SRM will return to its usual foraging grounds once the water goes down;  ERF, on the other hand..... well, we had a Mama Possum a few years ago that we only discovered once the babies were mobile enough to crawl out of the tree, not to mention the rabbits which persist in digging their baby bunny burrows within tie-out reach of the mudroom porch....

In the meantime, we are being careful about putting Bel or Jethro outside after dark.  Bel has always been pretty chill with wildlife antics -- she'll watch from the porch.  Jethro, on the other hand, raises the roof....and has to be restrained from dashing down the stairs. 

Over the past weekend, my Jazz-loving,  mathematical genius of  a nephew graduated from high school; Mom flew down to Texas for the festivities.  Nephew -- National Merit Scholar that he is -- has already been accepted by the University of Oklahoma, AND has a slot in the university marching band!!!  I am about a third of the way finished knitting an afghan in school colors (crimson and cream) for his dorm room, and will really have to double-down for the next few weeks.

Also over the weekend, we accomplished some house-cleaning and bad weed removal in the butterfly garden.  I think this year we will forego the usually futile attempts at a vegetable garden.  I pulled 'bad' weeds, and cleared areas for more of the desirables (Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Butterfly Weed, etc.) Looking to expand into Hummingbird-friendly plants as well.

Also trying to find the type of Sage plant that I had up at the trailer -- the one with the gorgeous silver-white flowers.... the thing is, I'm pretty sure that it was an ordinary culinary sage variety, picked up at random at a local garden shop.... but!  The closest I can find anywhere is either "White Sage", which is considered a desert climate variety (not suitable for Midwest growing) and reportedly has light purple flowers, or "Bee Sage", which does have white flowers, but not only looks nothing like my plant but is not suitable for cooking use.  Considering that the original purpose of the plant was  for cooking, I'm starting to wonder if my lovely little plant was a mutant....  Oh, how I wish I'd thought to take a cutting or even dig up the plant during the spring after the move but before the trailer sold!!!    **sigh**

On the Knitting Front: finished the 'Waves and Scallops' shawl, and gave it to our church's Music Director who went in for knee replacement surgery the week before Memorial Day.  She is also the organizer of the Prayer Shawl ministry -- my thought was:she's always making shawls to give to other people, she should receive one too.   As mentioned earlier, am now in a frenzy working on school afghan for the Nephew.  All other knitting is now on hold.

Books read:  Um. Too busy knitting.

Birthday Shout-Out to my One and Only Moffett (aka "Reziac")!!!

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 Well, it appears that I will need to "agree" to Live Journal's TOS in order to IMPORT, as the 'cross-posting' from DW yesterday failed.

Bah.    Can anyone tell me if they've had negative impact on their LJ sites after 'agreeing'?  

Last night I 'basted' my right-hand ribs with ICY-Hot, and switched back to Tylenol, since it doesn't identify as an NSAID; NSAID's don't play well with my diuretic, apparently. Bah, again. Whatever.  This morning was a bit of discomfort, but I was able to get in a good 30 minutes of walking today while the Sunday bulletins printed.  It occurred to me that the pattern I walk as I peregrinate around the pews might resemble a labyrinth, which makes me feel a little better about using the Sanctuary for exercise, since 'walking a labyrinth' is a somewhat  traditional (acceptable) means for meditation and/or prayer. 

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Last week I was celebrating  that I'd manged to make it through the winter without slipping and falling on the ice ... so what happens Monday evening?  I slip on the rain-slippery wood  of the back porch, take a tumble and manage to  pull muscles and/or bruise my right side ribs against (I presume) a porch planter box.... (insert snarky references to 'Pride" and downfalls).  I was doing okay with Ibuprofen, until yesterday when I decided to switch to Tylenol... mistake.  I'm hurting again today, so back to the ibuprofen. If this continues through the weekend, Monday I will go visit a doctor.

Speaking of doctors, New Doctor was not happy with either my Blood Pressure or my Blood sugar numbers last month; I blame the Blood Sugar on holiday chocolate and not being able to do much walking in February and March.  The high blood pressure?  I've always tested high at doctor visits; my Old Doctor called it 'Office Anxiety' -- he didn't worry TOO much about the blood pressure and A1c so long as my other levels (cholesterol, potassium, calcium) and liver function were good.  But now I have yet another prescription pill to take  - a diuretic.  This tiny orange pill -- I think my Dad took this one when he was first diagnosed with hypertension.  Personally, I defy anyone to NOT have High Blood Pressure after nearly $2,000 of unexpected automobile repairs (front & back brakes, plus tie-rods), in addition to stressing over a faulty gas tank sensor which would have required removing the gas tank to get at, and would have taken the final cost OVER $2,000....   and  figuring out how to pay for all  this on my reduced salary.

Tax Refund?  Um, most of it went to refilling the Furnace Oil Tank, and the remainder is stashed away to pay Property Taxes this year.


Our Russian Overlords  on Live Journal are now requiring that users acknowledge and agree to a new TOS document before they allow access.  I'm stalling, but I will have to do something sooner or later.  I have yet to fully import to DW .... I did a partial import back in 2014(?),  got my entries, but none of the attached comments.  I'm not sure if it will work properly this time, especially with entries that are duplicate.


On the knitting front: finished the ruffled triangular shawl, despite having lost the instructions 2/3rds of the way through -- I was able to fake the decreases sufficiently, although the bind-off looks a bit odd. Almost finished with a 'spring' children's hood.  Finished a pair of mis-matched arm/wrist warmers (trying to use up left-over yarn).  Have started, frogged, and restarted twice more an 'intermediate difficulty' shawl -- the YO's and repeat from * are tricky.  But the yarn is gorgeous.  

I used a gift card from Christmas to purchase a few e-books from Amazon - one of Bujold's Penric novels, a Christoper Fowler  'Bryant & Mays' mystery, and the first in Patricia Wrede's  '13th Daughter' series.  And then discovered that apparently my Kindle PaperWhite's battery has gone bad and will not hold a charge longer than two days...... sigh.  Add that to the list of things to fix/replace when I have spare money.

Books read:"Industrial Magic" by Kelley Armstrong, 'The Heretic's Daughter' by Michelle Moran, "A Study in Scarlet Women' by Sherry Thomas, 'Leviathan' by Scott Westerfield, 'Day Shift' and 'Night Shift' by Charlene Harris,  'The Saint vs Scotland Yard' by Leslie Charteris.

Books re-read:  Most of Charlotte MacLeod's 'Sara Kelling' series, one or two of Maggie Sefton's 'Lambspun' mysteries

Still working on: "Guns, Germs and Steel"

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 Connor MacLeod (Highlander)  meets Lord Raiden (Rayden? - Mortal Kombat) and they go on a glorious bar  & back alley dive crawl through China, etc.... and after a truly spectacular brawl one night, they wake up together in the back-seat of a jeep heading toward India with a fallen Great Sage, a demon, a half-demon and a bad-tempered Buddhist priest with a gun and an itchy trigger finger ... Hilarity ensues!   Bonus points if Connor discovers that the existence of Immortals is all Lord Rayden's fault, and frequently calls the errant deity  the equivalent of 'grandpa'....

I'd try to write it myself, but I'm handicapped by not knowing much about the Mortal Kombat universe....
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1. Trying NOT to come down with the cold/flu whatever that plagued Husband and Daughter for most of the month. Miraculously, I seemed to have done it?

2. Books read: Dime Store Magic, by Kelly Armstrong, The Aylesford Skull, and The Last Coin, by James M. Blaylock, Silver Wolf, by Jaycee Bedford. Re-read: The Silver Ghost, The Balloon Man, Something the Cat Dragged In, and The Wrong Rite, all by Charlotte MacLeod (or her alter ego, Alisa Craig). Started reading Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond (non-fiction).

3. Went to see YU-GI-OH: The Dark Side of Dimensions at the Theatre -- It was fun. No real spoilers, but a) Yugi had a growth spurt, b) Kaiba was snarky and obsessed, and I swear that the last version of the BEWD he summoned looked like it had a frigging STARGATE on its back!, oh, and c) some backstory for Bakura that kind of contradicted what we'd been told before in both the manga and the anime.... Still, it was good to hear those familiar voices again...

And as a side note, Eric Stuart-sama is looking to start recording a new CD. Check out his web page for details.

Still adjusting to the new hours at work and the cut in pay. Doesn't look like there will be any conventions in my future this year, except the local one (ANIME-Zing! in July).

Finished knitting a child's hat, and still working on a ruffled edge triangular shawl.

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Yesterday was Dad's birthday -- he would have been 88.

Back in November, before Thanksgiving, I'd been looking for a small flag with a CUBs logo; we were planning a trip north to visit Husband's aunt, and I thought if I could find a CUBS flag we could stop by the cemetery and I'd put it in the flower holder by his marker. Just a small flag, about the size of the American flags that get placed by veterans' graves on Memorial Day -- but I couldn't find any. Since we were headed up to the suburbs, I figured it would be fairly easy to find suitable CUBs memorabilia...
No such luck. We went to a specialty store, and I asked; apparently, the small flags that I was thinking about were temporarily out of production.... but the store owner mentioned that a LOT of people were buying CUBs World Series decals and putting THOSE on headstones of their departeds. So I picked up a couple of the decals, and we headed south on Sunday. On the way, I started thinking... and when we got to the cemetery, we placed the decal on Dad's marker without removing the backing and took a picture so we could show Mom what it looked like. Then we headed to Mom's house, gave her the decal and showed her the picture, and left the decision up to her -- she thought it was an excellent idea, but better to wait for Spring. So we visited and discussed plans for Thanksgiving, etc.

Anyway, last night I was clearing the end table in the living room and found about a dozen photos from I'm pretty sure the summer of 2007 that had Dad (and Mom) in them. He looked good; he was independently mobile (might have had a cane, though I don't remember one), smiling and his normal easy-going self and I remember he was still able to drive at that point -- he hadn't suffered any of the micro-strokes yet -- and I started tearing up, because Dad in 2007 would have been over the moon about the CUBs, and why couldn't they have won in 2007 when he'd still been with us, and able to appreciate it?

I miss Dad. I'm tearing up now, just writing about it.
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Got into work early today, and got 10 minutes of walking in before any one else showed up. It's easier to walk when no one else is around to ask, 'Mary, what are you doing?', or 'Mary, can you do THIS for me since you're here?' I generally walk up and down the halls and around the sanctuary -- I figure the Omnipotent One won't mind, since I'm making an effort to be healthy. I actually started doing this and the BG monitoring back in December -- I had to get creative with the walking while the sanctuary was decorated for Christmas, but it was all good. I wanted my doctor to be proud of me instead of mildly disappointed next time I saw him -- which unfortunately will be never, since he retired unexpectedly mid-December.

Cue the scramble to find New Doctor! especially since I was almost out of refills on three of my four medications. New doctor is young, so hopefully won't be retiring soon - Plus! on the Minus side, I will have to break her in; AND she's part of a Health Group, which could lead to switch board miscommunication -- has actually already happened: I called to give New Doctor a 'heads up' that my pharmacy would be calling about Prescription Refills, and when Pharmacy called, the switchboard told them 'No Such Patient in our Files'.... fortunately, I'd rather expected some such difficulty occurring and had allowed a few days of leeway before I was actually in dire need. Got it straightened out, and New Doctor wrote two of the prescriptions for an 90 day supply -- I'm surprised the Insurance let her do that.... maybe because she's in an Approved Health Care Group, whereas Old Doctor was an independent GP.

I miss my Old Doctor -- he had a great sense of humor and a practical attitude towards health care.

Efforts to get healthy include Eating Health(ier) -- My new Mantra is "More Salad, Fewer Fries", or as I told Daughter and Husband -- "French Fries are the Enemy!" Baked potatoes and baked sweet potato fries are okay, in moderation, because 'Fiber is Good.' Not making any headway on the 'Eat More Fish' campaign, however. Can't really complain, though; I'm not that fond of fish myself.

Being Thrifty: The rule about not buying more yarn, dvds or books does not apply in the following instances:

1) I need the yarn to finish a current project and am unable to find an adequate substitute in my stash;

2) my four current manga series - 'The Ancient Magus's Bride', 'Kaze Hikaru', 'Master Keaton', and
'Natsume's Book of Friends';

3) the remaining two live action 'Rurouni Kenshin' movies, the "Yuri! On Ice" anime, and 5th series 'Natsume' anime.

4) the OST to "Yuri! On Ice" if it becomes available -- absolutely captivating music, all of it produced for the anime, in multiple styles.

5) The books I have 'on request' at the Used Book Store: "The Captain's Dog" by Roland Smith, and the "Leviathan" series by Scott Westerfield. I placed this order before New Years, so I consider myself obligated to follow through. Actually, I have so much credit at UBS, anything I find there I consider fair game.

I currently have a prayer shawl, and a stocking cap on the needles; plus another two shawls that need additional finishing (crocheted borders, which I have been putting off since I will need to re-teach myself Crochet -- unless I can get someone from the ministry to volunteer?). Last fall I bought a book of knitted hat patterns; I've decided to knit at least one of each in due time.  I've made two so far; one went on the church's Mitten/Hat Tree, and the other I gave to the church's music director for Christmas.  Several I have my eye on for the children of a friend. Various hats have various difficulty ratings, so hopefully I will learn new techniques.

Writing and Fan Fiction:  I am making plans to send the faulty hard drive from three (?) years ago to a friend in Montana, who may be able to retrieve the data.  If The Moffett succeeds, I will have my lost stories back.  Am also continuing to research SteamPunk/Victoriam/Edwardian backgrounds for my FemRyou Bakura Egyptologist cosplay. 

No plans at this time for Conventions, other than the local one in July.  This may change once I get a few  Reduced Paychecks into the bank and work out a budget.


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Wish Dad were here to see this ... I went to bed last night during the Rain Delay, got up this morning to find that my Cubbies had pulled it off! HOLY COW!

I ain't afraid of no goats - not any more....
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Last year at this time I was on a ferry heading for Mackinac Island.

This  year, I'm contemplating whether I want to buy another skein of yarn or simply un-knit the last ten rows and finish the shawl at the end of that pattern repeat.  The shawl is plenty long enough, and the yarn has been a PITB to work with,  AND  will be a massive PITB to un-knit.  The colors are pretty, though.

Yesterday Daughter had a chiropractor appointment in the late morning, so afterwards we went to Panera for lunch.  Today she has to work 1-5, so I'm planning to take her over, have lunch (MAYBE at Panera again) and kill time for 4 1/2 hours because it doesn't make sense to come home and go back (normally, Husband would pick her up coming home from work, but today HE has a doctor's appointment).  The King Tut exhibit left our local museum over Labor day - BAH! Humbug!  Maybe I'll go to the Art Museum -- free admission, supposedly, on Tuesdays.

Am on vacation this week, but just found out that Pastor has had a family crisis and will be also gone all week.  I have offered to go in Friday to make sure the Bulletin gets printed....

I have no life.
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about  MediaWest*Con 2016.

As predicted, Daughter was pretty much bored out of her skull -- except when we were in the Dealer's Room where she acted as my Impulse Control (I still managed to spend $80 on 'zines, LOL!), and she did bid on a piece in the Art show which quickly went past her spending limit, even with my offer to 'spot' her additional funds....

My Highlander 30th Anniversary Party actually pulled FIVE guests!!!  -- good thing I decided on the smaller snack trays from WalMart, and even then we donated half the leftover food and utensils to another party Sunday night, and half the Scotch Eggs came home with us... one of the guests was a friend from the SW LARP, and one was a friend from the Richie Reserve yahoo group from back in the day -- she even asked me for the Scotch egg recipe!  It was fun watching the Highlander movie with company...

I also got to spend a little time (and that $80) with my long-ago friends from Ashton Press. And, I got to know the RGB-Brony a little better -- and I apologized for getting snarky on the yahoo-group; I think maybe she understands the 'Old-Timers' mind-set a little better now -- we had some good discussion in the two GB/RGB panels I attended.

The Star Wars LARP is still active, although I only saw three people I recognized.

I don't know if I'll go again.  Long drive, minimal interest in the 'hot' fandoms ...
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Shall I convey your greetings to what's left of the 'Forces of the Empire' this weekend?

I don't think I will actively participate in the activities (I'm getting too old for those shenanigans), but I plan to say "Hi" to Pat Grant and Leslie Dannenberger if I see them.

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Daughter is stressing over her cosplay.... I suggested taking a deep breath; then resolving that if  the cosplay is not ready by Friday morning -- marathon sewing session the night before NOT allowed!!! -- relax, and plan on finishing for Anime-ZING! in July. 

I am NOT going to stress over the fact that the braid attachment for my Bakura wig came WITHOUT the means for actually attaching -- I will figure it out for July.  Likewise the majority of my costume. I did detach the skirt portion of a dark-ish blue SCA gown that can be re-purposed for my 'Fem-Ryou Steakpunk Victorian Egyptologist'....

I DO plan to search the closets for previous years'  SWLARP outfits -- may not fit, oh well!  I have LOTS of 'geeky' T-shirts.....

Husband has loaned me his external DVD drive/player -- I just need to make certain it will work with LeLouche.  Do I have a MediaPlayer program ?  Will need to find out and test run by Thursday.  Do I need speakers?

I have a HIGHLANDER poster created for the Room door.  I have the start of posters for the still nebulous HIGHLANDER 30th Anniversary Room party.  I have recipe (untried) for Scotch Eggs.

I need to un-earth old fanzines to sell, price, and make a list. Am highly tempted to simply set a box with a coffee can in the hall and say "Pay What You Like, or Not At All".

I plan to make BENTO Thursday night to take with us.

M-minus four days and counting......
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Tomorrow is May 1st, which means only 28 days 'til MediaWest*Con..... I have seen the preliminary schedule for Fan Panels --- No mention of Highlander at all!!! yet somehow a 70's-'80's British Cop show that had (as far as I can tell) NO  widespread U.S. distribution (ala DW, or more recently SHERLOCK on PBS) acquired and still has enough fannish interest to merit at LEAST two panels per day in the scheduling.... sigh. 

I'm running out of time if I want to hold a Highlander 30th Anniversary event, either a Panel or in the 'Party Suite' -- and I have seen NO indications of any significant Highlander-fan presence (I lost contact with the HL fandoms back in early 2000's when I went 'dark' due to personal problems -- while I did recognize some names from the Membership List, most of them are from my SW Role-Playing group).
I can still have a small Room Party, I suppose ---  I'd had some grandiose notion of a Trivia Game and Door prizes - HAH! 

Apparently the SW Role Play group is still going...

And those blasted RGB-Bronies will be there. Ugh!

I have a feeling Daughter is going to bored out of her skull by Saturday. 

I need to seriously work on my cosplay:   Fem Victorian/Steampunk Ryou Bakura, amateur Egyptologist.

And it's raining. Bleeehhh.
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Ganked from Apollymi:

I Am A: Lawful Good Human Wizard (7th Level)

Ability Scores:







Lawful Good A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment when it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)


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