Jul. 16th, 2017


Jul. 16th, 2017 02:55 pm
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Because of unexpected automobile repairs during February, March,  and June (brakes, tie-rods, exhaust pipe) on top of decreased hours/ pay at work since January which has resulted in cash flow problems these past six and a half  going on seven months, Daughter and I did not get our Anime-Zing members in advance, but purchased at the door.  Daughter had worked hard on her cosplay (Aqua, from one of the Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, I'm told) - which turned out looking very nice, and I still think she should have entered at least the Hall Cosplay competition -- but overall, I can't help feeling that even the one-day membership was not worth the money. Maybe it would have been different if we'd been familiar with the latest crop of dub Voice actors -- the only one I recognized was Greg Ayres.  I DID track him down at the AUTOGRAPH table, and was able to ask him about the English dub VAs for the new SAIYUKI Reload Blast --- he could not OFFICIALLY say anything, he said, until next week, when the simulcast would air, BUT!  He was VERY excited about the work he'd been doing for the past month....

He did mention that some of the voicing might be a disappointment (which I take to mean that they couldn't get all of the original VAs) and that the animation was done by a different studio, but overall he thought fans would like it..... so I'm standing there doing a 'Happy Dance', going "YES!" because I never cared for the Geneon Studios voices (not that they were BAD, per se; they just weren't Brandon, David, Greg and Illych) -- and Greg has this gleeful smirk on his face.....

So that might have made the $20 at the door worth it.... but just barely.  Daughter was starting to wilt, so we left earlier than we might have usually.  I HAD planned to go back for the Masquerade,  but when we got home, Daughter was getting a migraine, and Husband had had a disappointing day as well -- our friend B was supposed to come over for the evening while Daughter and I were at the Con, but literally cancelled at the last minute..... so I decided to stay home and order in Husband's favorite pizza.

I've said it before, I know, but this might be our last ANIME-ZING, unless their programming gets a boost next year....


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