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Fortunately I'd already seen this on [personal profile] rhi 's page, so I had some time to think about it before being tagged by [personal profile] apollymi :

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

1. Ghostbusters (1985) / The Real Ghostbusters
2. Highlander (first three movies/TV series)
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime & manga)

The first character you loved:
1. Egon Spengler - I have always had a weakness for the brilliant, socially awkward characters with the wickedly dry sense of humor
2. Connor MacLeod - hands down - again with the wickedly dry sense of humor...
3. Ryou Bakura - the British accent in the 4Kids dub got my attention first, then came appreciation for his strength of character. 

The character you never expected to love so much:

1. Peter Venkman - yes, he's annoying, and in the films just this side of being a con-man, but in RGB you get to see the softer side of Peter, his knack for dealing with kids and older ladies (Mrs Faverisham), and his fierce loyalty to the rest of the team and unexpected courage in dealing with disaster.
2. Richie Ryan -- street punk with a heart of gold; like a little brother I never had
3. Seto Kaiba -- first impression: Spoiled. Rich. Bully. But after a while we got to see his back story - orphan adopted by an abusive billionaire; damaged emotionally and physically, but still fighting to stay true to himself. Plus, brilliant socially awkward Seto would willingly die to protect his little brother... Mokuba is Seto's saving grace, Yami's "mind crush" regardless.

The character you relate to the most:
1. Janine / Winston - Janine, because I've been working switchboard/secretarial since 1989 and I've done the crazy, such as the FEMA hotline during the 1993 Iowa-Illinois Flooding, and being a church administrative assistant for the past 17 years hasn't exactly been a cakewalk, either. Winston, because he's the most 'normal' member of the team. Solid, dependable, rolls with the punches  - I'm convinced that he's an Earth sign.  Like me.
2. Richie, and Dr. Alex from the third movie -  because they start out as regular folks, minding their own business, that get caught up in the Immortal insanity and learn to cope (mostly). Plus, Dr. Alex is an archaeologist (major points!).
3. Tristan, aka Hiroto Honda - he's not a Duelist, or a genius, or Possessing/ Possessed by a Millennium Item.  But he's a loyal friend and does what he can to support the others through the bad and crazy.

The characters you’d slap:
1. Walter Peck.  Louis Tully. The smarmy guy from the mayor's office. Peter (sometimes).
2. Duncan MacLeod. His 'I know best, because I'm a 500 year old Scottish Chieftain's son, no compromising allowed' attitude drives me up a wall -- especially when he's dealing with either Richie (after his first Quickening) or someone whose moral code is more flexible - like Methos.
3. Um. Definitely Rex Raptor/ Weevil Underwood.  Both Tea and Mai Valentine on occasion.  Rebecca Hawkins. One of the Oricalchos duelists (can't remember his name....

Three favorite characters (in order of preference):
1. Egon, Winston, Dana (movies)  Egon, Peter, Janine (RGB)
2. Connor MacLeod, Ramirez, Kastigir (movies); Richie, Joe Dawson, Amanda (TV)
3. Ryou Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Yuugi Moto (Save the baby Panda!)

A character you liked at first but not anymore:
1. Slimer - he was fine as a mascot, in RGB, but then they made him the focus during the final season - UGH!
2. Amanda - I liked her a lot in the Highlander TV series, but don't like her in "The Raven" spin-off.
3. Tea - she started out spunky and motivated (especially in the manga), but then Yami no Yuugi started showing up on a regular basis and she got all swooney and pretty much ignored her child-hood friend in favor of the mysterious alter-ego.... the 4Kids dub and the 'friendship speeches......

A character you did not like at first but now do:
1. Peter Venkman (RGB) (see comments above)
2. Methos - When he first appeared, I didn't like him.  Mostly because I felt that he was pushing Richie out of the picture.  My personal head-canon: When Duncan DIDN"T kill Richie at the end of Season 5 (Richie ducked!), Methos smuggled Richie out of the country and got him safely into Connor's protection.... He's now using the name Ryan Nash as 2nd Guitar in a Rock Band that operates out of Cheyenne Mountain....
3. Jounouchi, aka, Joey Wheeler.  At first I was really annoyed by his loud-mouth bragging and hair-trigger temper, but he started earning those bragging rights as the series progressed....

3 otp’s 
1. Egon/Janine, Peter/Dana Barrett, Louis Tully/random Terror Dog (ok, that last one was mean, but I really don't like Louis. Period.)
2. Connor/Heather, Connor/Dr. Alex,  Duncan/Tessa (he was quite likeable while Tessa was alive!)
Ryou Bakura/Seto Kaiba,  Yuugi/Tea, Yami no Bakura/Priest Seto

Not too many folks on DreamWidth for me to tag..... so I'll just leave it up to anyone who wants to.....


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